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Buddhism interior of an Ajanta Cave Monastery

Ajanta consists of thirty caves, each dedicated to the life of the Buddha. ... All of the caves at Ajanta fall into the category of Vihara monasteries with residence ...

Buddhist meditating

Buddhist meditation is the practice of meditation in Buddhism. The closest words for meditation in the classical languages of Buddhism are bhāvanā

Buddhist retreat

The BRC hosts regular retreats and welcomes independent visitors who want to visits its facilities, without promoting one form of Buddhism over others.

Buddhist Retreat Centre

The Buddhist Retreat Centre is an inclusive resort and meditation centre located near Ixopo, in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa.

Buddhist Scriptures

Young monk reading Buddhist scriptures

Buddhist sculpture

Gandharan Buddhist sculpture displays Hellenistic artistic influence in the forms of human figures and ornament. Figures were much larger than any known from ...

Buddhist stupa

A stūpa is a mound-like or hemispherical structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation. A related architectural term is a chaitya, which is a prayer hall or temple containing a stupa.

Buddhist text

Buddhism is an Indian religion based on a series of original teachings attributed to Gautama Buddha. It originated in ancient India as a Sramana tradition sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE, spreading through much of Asia.

Buddhist text

Buddhist texts are those religious texts which are part of the Buddhist tradition. The first Buddhist texts were initially passed on orally by Buddhist monastics, but were later written down and composed as manuscripts

Budree Ahu
Build Congress Bulletin No.2

The next Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress will.......


Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Building Bhawani Dayal Statue
Building of the new Victoria Street Market

Ariel view of the New Victoria Street Market

Building of the Victoia Stret New Market

The New Victoria Street Market

Building site Plan outline Indian ownership


Building under Construction & completed building

School Building

Building under Construction & completed building

School building

Building under Construction & completed building

Image of a school building

Building under Construction & completed building

Indian school building


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