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Ventatapathy Vathiar

VENKATAPATHY VATHIAR : Born in Kunrathoor, Madras on the third Saturday of Purattasi, 1863, Arrived in Durban 24 October 1890, Died on Good Friday 1950

Verulam - Mountview Civic Centre and housing

Housing and developments in Verulam

Verulam - Mountview housing scheme

Since Verulam became Natal's first Indian-controlled town in 1966, housing for many of the town's residents emerged as the single most pressing need.

Verulam main street

One hundred and twenty-eight years ago, a Cape Town-based company purchased 30 000 acres Crown lands on the banks of the Umdhloti River from the Natal

Verulam Town Board

Verulam Township

Verulam's changing face

VERULAM, the first town in the country to pass into exclusive Indian control, is mushrooming into a massive housing estate.

Very keen initiating authority letter

Very keen initiating authority letter

Veteran boxer Nat Moodley

Nat Moodley was a boxing promoter and he has a general interest in sport

Vice-Chancellor Saths Cooper addresses the Alternate Media Conference, UDW, 2003

Vice-Chancellor Saths Cooper addresses the Alternate Media Conference

Victoria Picture Palace


Victoria Picture Palace


Victoria Picture Palace

Victoria Picture Palace where Ishfahan currently stands

Victoria Street

Victoria Street in Durban

Victoria Street bridge

Bridge going to the market

Victoria Street Indian Market 1910 - 1973

In any undertaking of this nature, the author, usually, has a source of motivation. In this instance, my inspiration was derived from my grandfather who for the majority of his life, sold fruit and vegetable in his Victoria Street Indian Market stall.

Victoria Street Market

Building of the New Market in Victoria Street

Victoria Terminus, Bombay

Victoria Terminus, is a historic terminal train station and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

View from the fence

“Curries” a name associated to the vibrant stadium in the struggle days, particularly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, influenced the interaction of Black people within a socio-political and cultural environment in Durban and South Africa.

View of Curries Fountain in 1940

Sports ground

View of Maidstone Mill on the Estate of the Tongaat Sugar 1923

Maidstone Mill in Tongaat


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