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The Indian Views Newspaper : September 1921 till March 1922 part 1

Indian Views Newspaper : September 1921 till March 1922 part 1

The Indian's Turn

An analysis of the present racial conflict in Natal.....

The Indians in South Africa

South Africa herself belongs rightly to the West. It was from the countries of Europe that her early settlers came, yet it is significant that she first attracted public attention as a possible half-way house between East and West.


This thesis highlights the ebbs and flows of the Indian minority's struggles against the systematic and unjust segregation of mankind along racial lines. Their courage and principled resistance as well as their fears as a minority during the period of 1971 to 1985, are captured in this study.


The increasing complexities of our educational programme demands continued professional competence and conduct of teachers. The teacher who holds a key position in the education system, is an important partner in education.

The influence of household and family structure on children in the Chatsworth area with special reference to primary school learners (Thesis, 2010)

A study into the influence of household and family structure on children in the
Chatsworth area with special reference to primary school learners was undertaken. The
main objective of the study was to understand the prevailing household/family structure

The integration and assimilation of Black soldiers into the South African Defence Force in the 1970's

The nature of this text is to provide the reader with some insights into the reasons which motivated the South African Army, during the 1970's, to alter its racial construction, from an all white military institution, to one which wholeheartedly embraced the inclusion of "all racial groups", espe

The International League for the Rights of Man

The International League for the Rights of Man

The late Mrs Kasturba Gandhi

Mrs Kasturba Gandhi

The Left in the slum : the rise of a shack dwellers’ movement in Durban, South Africa

On 9 November 1993 the African National Congress issued a press statement condemning the “housing crisis in South Africa” as “a matter which falls squarely at the door of the National Party regime and its surrogates”.

The lengthy trial of nine student leaders from the Black People's Convention (BPC) and the South African Students' Organisation (SASO)

SASO BPC Trial. Vino Reddy assaulted by policeman after sentence of accused 20 Dec 1974

The letters of M H Nazar

Cover of the book by Surendra Bhana and James D Hunt

The limits to land reform: reviewing ‘the land question’

That the land question was one of the driving forces of the liberation struggle was a viewpoint that Hanekom shared with most ANC supporters, including many who did not depend directly on the land for survival.

The Lobito Bay Indians

In April 1907 some 2 208 ex-indentured Indians left Durban for Lobito Bay in Angola. The object of their attraction was the Benguela Railway, work on which had begun in 1903.

The M I D S. Newsletter (12/04/1957) -Vol. 4 No. 1

New Letter of the Methodist Government Aided Indian School

The Mad in their Midst: Accommodating Insanity in Natal, 1868-1920

In December 1916, James Mkize, a kholwa (Christian) peasant farmer and preacher submitted a deposition to the Resident Magistrate of Umzimkulu, southern Natal, South Africa, detailing at some length the reasons why he believed that his brother, Bennie, was insane and should be legally detained in

The Mahabhodi Temple erected on the site of the Buddhas Enlightenment Bodh Gaya India 4th Century

The Mahabodhi Temple or the Mahabodhi Mahavihar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an ancient, but much rebuilt and restored, Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya, marking the location where the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment.

The Making of "Indianess": Indian Politics in South Africa During the 1930s and 1940s

The years 1914 to 1949 were witness to rapid and extensive change in the social and
material conditions of Indians. The transformation of the majority of lndians to an urban-based
proletariat presented them with new challenges as well as additional choices of group

The making of a political reformer: Gandhi in South Africa, 1893-1914

This Study Offers Perspectives That More Accurately Situate Gandhi`S Role In South Africa`S History. The Focus Is On The Religious And Cultural Orientation Of His Compatriots Seeking To Add With This New Dimension To A Better Understanding Of The Making Of A Social Reformer.


Degree: Ph. D. Degree Year: 1995 Institute: Indiana University The object of this study is to
examine the making of Indian identities in Durban between 1914 and 1949. There were
many significant changes in social and material conditions during this period and it is within


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