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Peace of Mind Kumari Uma Bharti
Peacock - Needlework Embroidery
Peacock on Branch - Needlework Embroidery
Penetration Assurance and Segregation. Swami Bhawani Dayal's Statement

Swami Bhawani Dayal's statement......

Penetration Commission

Thank you for you letters of the 16th and 29th. I was very glad to hear from you.....


Group Areas

Pentecostal penetration into the Indian community, South Africa

Pentecostal Penetration Into the Indian Community

People Speak

People take to the streets to be heard

Peoples candidates meeting
Perceptions and Practices Relevant to the Transmission of Plague, Leptospirosis and Toxoplasmosis

The area known as Cato Crest is one of six ‘informal’ settlements that comprises the community of Cato Manor, a community with a rich history. Cato Crest is located along the ridge or crest of Cato Manor.

Performance by Girls Durban School

Event by a Durban Girls School

Performance by hearing impaired students

Hearing impaired students performing in a concert

Performance by students at the Durban Girls School

Event at the Durban Girls School

Permits for Indian Occupation of Dwellings

We have the honour to inform you that the attention of this Committee has been directed to a report to the effect that application are being made to the authorities.....

Personal notes by Phyllis Naidoo

Personal notes by Phyllis Naidoo

Personal notes by Phyllis Naidoo

Personal notes by Phyllis Naidoo

Personalities appeared in Indian Opinion

Pictures in the Indian Opinion

Personalities appeared in the indian Opinion 22/2/1911

Syed Ameer Ali established the London Muslim League in 1908. This organisation was an independent body and not a branch of All India Muslim League.

Personalities appearing in the Golden Jubilee Publication at the Clairwood Tamil Institute

The first organised Tamil School was established after a f6rmal meeting convened at Clairwood in 1927.


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