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Clay hen. Basotho pottery

Clay hen. Basotho pottery. Bathlokoa tribe. 8.2.1961

BaSotho modelling. Recumbent lion.

Basutho modelling. Recumbent lion. Collection of Mrs Lowenstein of Ladybrand. OFS. 22.3.1960

Zulu woman. Ekhombe 1959

Zulu woman. Ekhombe 1959

Artist with cly figure

KCAV 1611 Artist with clay figure. Ndaleni Art School.


KCAV 1607-1608 Pottery figure by Jacob Masike. Ndaleni Art school. Grossert Number 1065

Figures from mache

KCAV 1606 Figures from paper mache by Cyprian Ramposime and from clay by Matha Mahlangu. Ndaleni art School . Grossert number 543.

North sutho pot

KCAV 1600-1 Modelling by Tsitso Mohapi, Basuto land

Clay beer- drinking pots

KCAV 1561 Clay= drinking pots, Zulu and Sotho. Greytown show. Grossert number 997

Shangaan skirt

KCAV 1833 Shangaan skirt. Transvaal . Grossert number 1050

Shangaan dolls

KCAV 1830-1 Shangaan dolls. Sibasa. Grossert number 1020-1

Tsonga? Shangaan dolls and broom

KCAV 1829 Tsonga/ Shangaan dolls and broom. Lemana Training School. Grosssert Number 58

Child near Phongolo July 1984

Child near Phongolo

Tsonga girls near Phongolo July 1964

Tsonga girls near Phongolo

Swazi women at Ingwavuma 10.6.1989

Swazi woman

Swazi woman. Ingwavuma 10.6.1959

Swazi woman

Tshonga woman with baby. Tshongwe 11.6.1959

Tsonga women with baby

Two Tsonga girls. Itshongwe 11.6.1959

Two Tsonga girls

Group of Tsonga women. Tshongwe 11.6.1959

Group of Tsonga women

Tsonga woman. Ingwavuma 10.6.1959

Tsonga woman


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