Campbell Collections

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Monochromatic abstract of an African man standing over the river, aiming with his spear. Type: Pen and lead pencil.

Summer house

Summer house, Groot schuur.


An abstract of a figure with one eye in pastel colors, black, yellow and brown. Type: Pastel

Groote Schuur

Groot schuur

"Lonely Lady"

Polychromatic abstract of a lady sitting on the table writing a letter. Type: Oil Pastel.

Groote Schuur back stoep

Back stoep, Groote Schuur

" Rorkes Drift Postal Agency"

Oil canvas scene of Rorkes Drift post office, with people going in and out.

Groote Schuur

Groote Schuur, Resident of union prime minister

Beach hotel

Beach hotel, Hout bay. Cape Town

Hout bay

Hout bay, Cape Town

Bathing pool

Childrens bathing pool and Lions head.

Lime Kiln bay

Lime kiln bay and Lion's head, Cape Town

Victoria road and Apostles

Victoria road and Apostles, Cape Town


Monochromatic abstract of figures and cattle.There is an outstanding exaggerated figure of a man. Type: Linocut

Bathing pool

Children bathing pool, Cape Town


Polychromatic abstract of a Zulu homestead in bold colors.

Camp's bay and Twelve Apostles

Camp's bay and Twelve apostles. Cape Town


Polychromatic abstract of human figures, a horse and a dragon.


Monochrome abstract  of the Book of Revelation ( St John) of different scenes. Type Linocut.

Camp's bay and Apostles

Camp's bay and Apostles. Cape Town.


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