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Tempera 'Miracle of the loves' Esther Mtshemela
Tempera 'Cruxification' Rossinah Qwainna Lumko school
Flower garden, woman attacked by a lion

KCAV 2274 Tempera ' Flower garden, attacked by a lion' Petros Gantana 18 years Std VI Loram Sec School.

Tempera 'assumption of our lady' by Franz H Franz H odi 16 years old, Lumko School
A dream for once had

KCAV 2273 Crayon 'Adrean for once had' Wilson Mnganyana 18 years Loram Sec School.

Graffiti by humhrey C15 years, lawrence S. 15 years std V, Douglas M. 11 years Edendale School

KCAV 2272 Tempera 'Conversation' Jacob Nene Loran Sec School 1961,

Tempera ' Angel praying' Esther Mtshemela. 1961 Lumko school
Man beating wife

KCAV 2270 Crayon 'Man beating wife' Alzinah Zondi 17 years Mandlesizwe School.

Street fight

KCAV 2269 Crayon 'Street Fight' John Nyawose, 17 years old Mandlesizwe School.

Country road

KCAV 2268 Crayon 'Cuontry road ' Mary Jane Nzimane 17 years Mandlesizwe School.

Tribal fight

KCAV 2267 Crayon 'Tribal fight' eson Ndlovu 17 years Mndlesizwe School,

Women talking

KCAV 2266 Crayon' Women talking' Midred Zulu, 13 years Mandlesizwe School.

Women Fighting

KCAV 2265 Crayon 'womenfighting' Marjorie Bengu 10 years old Mandlesizwe school.


KCAV 2264 Crayon ' Fighting' Enoch Dlangisa 10 years old Mandlesizwe School.

Tribal dance

KCAV 2263 Crayon 'Tribal dance' Enoch Dlangisa 10 years old Mandlesizwe School.

Two thieves

KCAV 2262 Tempera 'Two Thieves' Jonathan Shezi 14 years Nichols Infant school.

Crayon 'country scene' Martha Shange 13 years Fanin Bantu School
Crayon 'driving cattle' Samuel Nene, 7 years old Fanin Bantu School
Tempera paint ' activities inside Zulu homestead' by Obert Nyathi, 14 years, stad V Ashdown Government sec. school 1954


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