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Margaret Samuelson, 1880

Margaret, Samuelson, 1810

Maria Makhidhla

A young married woman of the Ntwane wears a distinctive hairstyle. 

The young bride also wears a brief smock, pink, a favourite color.

With marriage, she discards her grass neck hoops and replaces them with beaded ones. 

Marian hill Catholic Mission

Lesotho children visiting the Marianhill Catholic Mission.

Marian Hill Hospital

African Children playing outside the Marian hill Hospital.

Marianhill Afrcican Art

African art, Mariannhill.

Marianhill African Art

Marianhill African art 

Marianhill Catholic Mission

People from Lesotho visiting and worshiping under the cross at Marianhill Catholic Mission.

Marianhill Church

Scene of the Marianhill Church.

Marianhill Church: Entrance

African Congregants attending church at Marianhill.

Marianhill Mission

Scene of the Marianhill Mission.

Marianhill Native Affairs Commission 1903 - 5.

Marianhill Native Affairs Commission 1903 - 5. 

Merriam, Fisher, Sauer, Stanford, T. Marriam, Beck.

Marianhill: Forest

Marianhill back view scene of a gumtree forest.


Marianhill: Outskirts

Scene of the Marianhill outskirts.

Marianhill: The Church

Marianhill scene of the Church sorrounded by gumtrees.

Marianhill:The mission.

Marianhil scene of the church, mission and mountain in the background.

Mariannhill, Natal

Mariannhill, Natal


Mariazel - with the cross and people around it.

Marico Sunbird

Marico Sunbird

Marico Sunbird (F)

Marico Sunbird (F)

Marico Sunbird (M)

Marico Sunbird (M)


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