Campbell Collections

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The Berea

 Depicts slopes of the berea with trees in foreground

Belgrave house hotel

 DEpicted behind picket fence

Durban Bay 1900

The bay, seen from the vacinity of Albert Park

Belgrave house hotel

 Guests posed an the veranders

Arrowroot mill 1851

 Foundation of arrowroot mill

Fynn depicts houses in Durban

From Fynn's drawing of the settlement at Durban.

Durban 1890

Durban tram at stage four on the Berea

Arrowroot factory

 Messers Raw and Faggits arrow root factory

Durban Bay

View of the harbour and the point, seen from the bluff.

Accutt Roberts

 Robert Accutts house in North Ridge Road

Court House, Durban

The court house in Aliwal street

Bushman's pass memorial

The memorial in the carbineer garden of rememberance, Pietermaritzburg

Zulu War

 Two Zulu men in Western Army coats


An inlet on the bluff, inside the bay.

Zulu War

 Group of nine veterans holding standars

Zulu War

 Depicts Ammunition wagons with mutes haircised

Bishops College 1880

Bishops college 1880

Zulu War

Depicts a drawing of zulu warriors in a kraal

Zulu War

 DEpicts a military camp constructed of grass nuts

Zulu War

 Depicts a drawing from illustrated london news


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