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Wooden carved pallets with human and animal figures by the Qwabe bothers.

'Isibhaxa" T. Qwabe

Mr Tivenyanga Qwabe carving Isibhaxa at his home in Nongoma.

'Isibhaxa ne Kist'

A scene of Isibhaxa and an engraved kist as well as trunk for keeping clothes.


'Isibhambha', a beaded belt with strings.


'Isimbhambha', beaded waist belt.


'Isibhambha'. layered beaded apron for girls.


'Isibhambha', Small beaded apron for little girls.


'Isibaya', scene of a cattle kraal made out of stones, with huts on the foot of the hill in the background.


'Ishoba', an item made from a cow's tail, carried by Deviners or Kings.


A Bhaca female Rain Doctor perfoming sacred rituals to make rain.


A Sangoma getting ready perfom  a sacred prayer ritual, using African medicines, while sorrunded by two infants.


Female Sangoma drapped in goat skin, bones and a wand 'Ishoba'.


A Sangoma doing a divination for a patient.


Male Sangoma drapped in animal horns, shells and sacred ornaments.

'Isandlwana Mission Station'

Watercolor scene of Isandlwana Mission Station in Zululand, 1880.

'Isandlundlu Spears'

A collection of six spearheads from Isandlundlu Hill , the site of the battle between King Shaka's army and Amampondo in 1827.


An elderly woman balancing wood on her head from KwaZulu- Natal.


Thatched grass Zulu hut. 


Black and white photograph of 'Iqhikiza', a young maiden, probably a leader of young maidens ready for marriage.


Black and white photograph of a young maiden from Eshowe dressed in traditional outfit.


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