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Medicine man throwing bones with two patients

Medicine man throwing bones

Women with animal skins on their heads

WCP 2155 Women with animal skins on their heads, are killing this one for her money.

Herbalist throwing the bones with two patients

Herbalist throwing bones

Medicine man

Medicine man

Tree Marrianhill

WCP 2140 Tree Marrianhill

Old man smoking dagga-pipe

Old man smoking dagga-pipe



Fighting Animals

WCP 2139 Fighting animals

Young African

Young African

Figure and 3 heads sermon on mount

WCP 1525 Figure and three heads . Sermon on mount

Bhaca woman

Bhaca woman

Sheep and drinking lamb

WCP 1524 Sheep and drinking lamb


WCP 1523

3 Figures christ in the centre and three seated

WCP 1515 Three Figures and Christ in the Centre and three seated

Letter "H"

Letter H with a Zulu man herding sheep

Virgin and child

WCP 1522 Virgin and child

Shepherd and three sheep

WCP 1514 Shepherd and sheep

Letter "E"

Letter E with scene of cooking in a Zulu homestead

Letter "A"

Letter "A" with Bhaca females carrying pots on their heads.

Old Zulu Man

Old Zulu man in c1929


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