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attacked by robbers

KCAV 2166 Tempera painting "attacked  by robbers" by Gladys Mduttshana of Ndaleni Training College.

Silver snuff box

Silver snuff box given to Henry Francis by a Spanish lady shipwrecked on the Natal coast.





Street with Houses

KCAV 2165 Tempera paint " street with houses" by student Ndaleni Training School.

Girl and Cat

KCAV 2164 Tempera " girl and cat " by !st year student Ndaleni art School

The Creation

KCAV 2163 Tempare a paint " the creation "by M, Buthelezi, N Ndaleni Training School.

Ndaleni Training College Linocuts

KCAV 2162 Ndaleni Training Collage Linocuts

Joseph and Mary and infant Jesus going into Egypt.

KCAV 2159A-B Tempera paint "Joseph and Mary and infant Jesus going into Egypt" by May of Adams Training Collage T 3d. 1950. Original in KCAL as WCP 2692.

Crayon drawing " I invite a friend to visit me" by Vunah Mbatha, 12 year old from Bantu school
Crayon drawing " David and Goliath" by David Nduli, 16 years old of Umpumulo Practicing school std V
Crayon drawing ' Policeman with prisoners" by Cyril Kumalo 8 year old of Glencoe Bantu school std 1
Crayon drawing " Driving cattle" by N. Gumede 8 year old from Fannin primary school
"Racing home made car" by Ernest Mbuyiseni, 12 year old of Ladysmith primary school
watercolour " Zulu ledgend" by Mabel Kubeka, T4 Ndaleni Art school
Tempera paint " A woman meets robbers in the forest" by Wilson Luthuli
Mural on wall. Ndaleni training college
Tempera paint 'hunting' by Ludwig Mkize
Zulu wedding

KCAV 2172 Tempera paint 'Zulu wedding"mby Mavis Nkabinde a years old of Indaleni Primary School 1951.


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