Campbell Collections

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Smith Edwim Williams

 Smith Edwin Williams 1876-1958

Sharp Grenville 1735-1813

Sharp Grenville

Slater Francis

 Later Francis 1876-1958

Scott, Sir John 1814-1898

Scott Sir John

Scott, Sir John 1814-1898

Scott Sir John 1814-1898

Simmer and Jack Mine

  A. Simmer and J.Jack, B. Muirhead, T. Torbeck.

Scott Lady Amelia 1850-1874

Lady Scott, Wife of Sir John Scott. 1855


Sigananda 1816-1906

Siedle Otto

 Siedle Otto 1856-1948

Shrewbury William James

Shrewsbury  William James

Shepstone Theophilus

 SShepstone family

Shepstone Theophilus

Sir Theophilus Shepstone 1817-1893

Sir Shepstone Theophilis

Sir Shepstone and Lady Maria

Shepstone Theophilus

 Shepstone annexation party

Shepstone Theophilus

Shepstone  Theophilus 1843-1907

Paul, Sanford, 3rd Baron Methuen, 1845-1932

paul, Sanford, 3rd Baron Methuuen, 1845-1932

Margaret Samuelson, 1880

Margaret, Samuelson, 1810

Royston, William

William, Royston, 1854-1900

Sir John Robinson, 1839-1903

Robinson, Sir John, 1839-1903

Rev. Robert Robertson

Rev. Robert Robertson, 1830-1977


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