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View of Berea, Durban

Sperm whale

Sperm whale, caught off Durban

The new volunteer monument

The new volunteer monument, town gardens. durban

Hauling grain

Hauling grain

Kimberly mines

Kimberly Mines

Transvaal Mines

Transvaal mines

Transvaal mines

"Traansvaal" mines

Mine bosses and mine workers

Mine bosses and mine workers



Cape Town

Cape Town, 1876

The opening of 15th parliament under Responsible Government in Pietermaritzburg

The opening of 15 Parliament under Responsible Government,  Pietermaritzburg, 1893

Klip River

Entry alongside Klip River, 6 miles from Ladysmith

Mashonaland kaffirs huts

Mashonaland kraals

Mashonaland kaffirs huts

Mashona kaffirs, Mashonaland 1895

Durban Botanic Garden

Durban botanic garden

Michael House, Pietermaritzburg

Front of Michael House, Natal. Founded in 1896 in Pietermaritzburg then translated to Balgowan in 1906

Bay esplanade

Bay esplanade

The native market

the native market, durban

Durban bay

Durban bay- evening

The basket trick

The basket trick- in mid air


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