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Ms. Winters and the Campbell Collections staff attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


Mr. Ngcobo's birth place.


Black and white scene of Elijah the Prophet on his Chariot.


Mr. Ngcobo's mother with relatives at his home during his wedding.


Wedding ceremonies during Mr. Ngobo's wedding at his home.


Black and white portrait a man, homestead and a bird.

'Egyptians Crocodile Catching'

Colored scene of Egyptians trying to catch a crocodile.

'Durban City Hall: Floodlight'

Black and wite scene of the Durban City Hall at night.

'Dress of the female inhabitats'

Black and white scene of European women showing off their couture.


Colorful illustration of a Violin.

'Dance at the Mosque'

Black and white engraving scene of Hottentots dancing at the Mosque.


Dabulamanzi, a Zulu warrior. The photograph was taken at the coronation of King Cetshwayo's coronation.


Monochrome scene of the crusifixion of Jesus Christ.

'Coutumes moeur e- habille...'

Engraved abstract of different scenes: human figures, animals and nature.

'Consevattoire de Han mastein'

Black and white scene of a Conservation House in Pietermaritzburg in between trees.

'Children saving each other'

Wood carving of figure carrying another figure on back. Titled by artist 'Children saving each other'

'Caves of the Guanclies'

Black and white scene of the Caves of Guanclies in the Isle of Teveriff.

'Castle Ruins'

Black and white scene of an old dillapitated castle.

'Cape of Good Hope'

Black and white scene of the Cape Town Table Mountain.

'Calmuc Tartar

Black and white scene of human figures enjoying sunset.


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