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'Igula', small open goard on a beaded pouch and beaded string.


'Igula', Clay wooden carved milk storage.


'Igula' large goud which is used as a drinking cup.


'Igula', Small beaded calabash with a hanging string.


'Igeja', small iron hoe.


'Igeja', small iron digging hoe.


'Igeja' medium sized digging iron hoe.


Watercolor image of beaded ear plugs called 'Igaligi'


'Icansi', medium sized reed mat.


'Icansi', large reed woven mat.


'Ibhodwe', small three leged pot on fire.

'Horror to Mothers: misery of war series'

Charcoal on paper sketch of a mother holding her child.


Black and white scene of home with figures standing at the entrance.

'Haystacks in Provence'

Color scene of haystascks after harvest in Provence.

'Harvest at La Crau'

Color scene a farm, houses and workers during harvest at La Cra, with Montmajour inthe background.


Scene of hands, holding a knife, praying and holding out a fist.

'Groom & the Bride'

Photograph of Mr. Ngcobo and his bride in church during their wedding.

'Gone to Earth'

Color scene of travellers with their horses.

'Going to church '

 KCAV 2214 Tempera 'going to church' C. Khala. St Matthews C.P. School


Watercolor painting 'Gegelegege'. A scene of a man charming a girl coming from the river.


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