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"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit worn by girl who is ready to court, Bhaca people. 

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit - worn by Bhaca girl who is allowed to be courted.

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit of Bhaca girls. Himville, KZN, 1983.

"Iphambanisa" age set.

"Iphambanisa" outfit worn by a girl allowed to court. Bhaca people.

"Iphambanisa" age group

"Iphambanisa" age group. 18 - 19 years who is allowed to court. Bhaca people.


Portraitof a baby boy named 'Intungwa' .



Commercial herbal center, Durban, 1982.

"Inspiration from Koko"

"Inspiration from Koko"


Watercolor portrait of a Zulu man carrying a spear& shield.

"Inside Out"

Black and white scene of a home.


Rural village. Pen and colour.

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior 

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior

"Inkosi yabaThembu"

Black and white portrait of the AbaThembu Chief.


Black and white photograph of a Zulu Princess from Eshowe dressed in royal beadwoork.


Black and white photographo a married woman from Grey town wearing 'Inkelhi'. A Zulu hat worn by married women.

"Inja noNogwaja"Cl

Color scene of a dog chasing a hare during a hunt.

"Inja kaGogo"

Scene of an elderly lady and her dog walking on a pathway to a rural homestead. Black and white(pencil).


Watercolor scene of men and women celebrating the first fruit ceremony.


Color scene of men dancing during the first fruit ceremony, called 'Ingcube'.


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