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Black and white photograph wearing a beaded wig called "Umyeko'.

"Umusa Muhle"

Bearded necklace in white, red, and green with words 'Umusa Muhle'.It came from KwaMaphumulo area in KwaZulu- Natal.


Black and white scene of uMthakathi; a whitch with his baboon.


Black and white scene of Umthakathi riding a baboon to or from casting evil spells.


Monochrome abstract of a group of people standing over a 'witch persecuting her'.


Black and white photograph of a traditional Zulu wedding in Grey town.


Black and white photograph of a young maiden known as 'Umqemulo' meaning she is undergoing initiation to become Isangoma.


Black and white image of a Zulu family sitting around the fire while the mother is cooking.


Rural scene of homestead on mountains, Mexican Cactus on mountains. Pen and colour.


Watercolor portrait of a Xhosa young man after his initiation period, from Transkei.


Black and white scene of Umthakathi digging out a body from the grave to use it for is evil ways.


Black and white scene of uMthakathi preparing his umkhovu after exuming him.


Makhosi and her fellow Sangomas dancing during her graduation.

"Umfula Umkhomazi"

Black and white landscape of the Umkomaas river.



"Umama neNdodakazi"

Black and white photograph of a Zulu mother and daughter posing outside their home; dressed in traditional outfits.


Black and white scene of a sangoma helping a patient to purge, process called 'Ukuphehla'.

"Ukuphehla ubulawu'

Portrait of Isangoma preparing his medicine a process called 'ukuphehla ubulawu'.


"Ukungqonga"  She has been given a permission to court with boys.  


Color portrait of a female figure taking muthi from a pan, a process called 'ukuncinda'.


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