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Zulu girdle

A beaded Zulu skirt in white, blue, green and red. Large back apron with halved diamonds and frontal apron in white, blue and red scarpped pattern attached to the fringed belt. This was worn by women.

Zulu Dish

Small wooden oval dish on legs with handles on both sides.

Zulu dancing

KCAV 1802-3 Zulu dancing. No Grossert Number.

Zulu children arriving with crafts

KCAV 1795 Zulu children arriving with crafts. Ekhombe show 3.9.1959. Grssert No 201

Zulu chief

Zulu chief seated inside behive hut.

Zulu bracelets and weaving
Zulu boys at mid-day meal. "mealie papa"

Zulu boys at mid-day meal "mealie papa"

Zulu boy

Zulu boy

Zulu belle

Zulu belle with characteristic head dress

Zulu belle

Zulu belle with characteristics head dress

Zulu beehive hut

Zuli beehive huts

Zulu beauty

Zulu beauty

Zullus:two Zulu men , one seated,one standing...

Zullus:two Zulu men , one seated,one standing...

Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek

 Boer Dputation 19000

Zimbabwe rocks

Zimbabwe rocks

Zatthulle and family

 Zatthulle and Family


Scene of a rural village, huts, school, trees and mountains

Youthful organist

Youthful organist

Young Zulus

Young Zulus.

Young Zulu girls

Young Zulu girls working in the Banana field


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