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Black and white portraits of a couple.

"African nigro slave "

"African nigro slave"


Black and white scene of a European family in Africa.



Child G. Plate 143, Vol 2, No 84, Pg 326.

"Africa in chains"

"Africa in chains"

"Afloat: Yachtsman"

Color abstract of a destraught Yachtsman in a sinking ship.

"Adverse learning conditions"

Scene of a man wearing a graduation gown standing in front of shack houses.

"About to get down"

"About to get down"  Horses crossing the river.

"Aberfeldy" New England Road, Maritzburg.

"Aberfeldy" New England Road, Maritzburg.


Black and white scene of Aberfeldy's house in New Euglar Road in Pietermaritzburg.


Black and white photograph of a Zulu king and his queen dressed in both modern and Zulu traditional clothes.

"Abantu Yizoni"

Bearded necklace in white, green and red colors with words 'Abantu Yizoni'. It came from KwaMaphumulo area in KwaZulu- Natal.


Abakhongi, Mr. Ngcobo's represantatives.

"A Zulu Kafir, Natal"

"A Zulu Kafir, Natal"

"A young Zulu in gala dress"

"A young Zulu in gala dress"

"A young boshesman"

"A young Boshesman"

"A Wizard's Cat'

Black and white abstract of the Wizard's black cat.

"A wild Beast"

Sketch and color scene of a Wildbeast running downhill.

"A walk on the Boat:Cape Couch"

Abstract scene of a native couple and their son taking a leisurely walk on the boat.

"A Violinist"

Abstract scene of a Violist performing.


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