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'The Supreme Court'

Black and white scene of the Supreme Court in Pietermaritzburg.

'The Sower'

Color scene of a man on the field sowing seeds before sunrise.

'The Soul'

Monochrome abstract  of a soul leaving the body.

'The sherperd'

'The sheperd'

'The Shepherdess'

Color scene of a Sherpherdess holding her rod while waiting for her sheep.

'The Sessiou"

Grass woven baskets.

'The Sessiou"

Grass woven baskets.

'The Senegal Negro Female'

Black and white portrait of a Senegal Black American Female posing with a spear. 

'The Seine with the Pont de ka Grande'

Color scene of figures on top of the bridge and on the boats,  enjoying Pont de la Grande.

'The Red Vineyard'

Color scene of labours working at the Red Vineyard.

'The Rainbow Nation'

Coloured ink abstract of the South African flag. 

'The Public Park at Arles'

Color scene of the figures enjoying the Arles Public park.

'The Prisoner'

Black and white scene of a family visiting their son in prison.

'The potato-Eaters'

Color scene of a family eating potatoes and drinking tea at night.

'The Old House'

The Old House; a home Dr. Kohler stayed in in Ntabankulu during his visits.

'The Negro'

Black and white portrait of a Black American Man.

'The Loom'

Color scene of a Loom at work.

'The Langlois Bridge at Arles'

Color scene of awoman with an umbrella standing on the Langlois Bridge at Arles.

'The King of Congo'

Black and white scene of the King of Congo addressing his subjects.

'The Hunter's death'

Black and white scene of the hunter dying in a cave.


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