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An elderly Zulu woman from the Bhaca tribe.

'Ugogo nabaZukulu'

Mr. Ngcobo's grandmother with her great grand children.


Makhosi Fourie's Gobela addressing her initiates.

'Udokotela Kololo'

Watercolor poster of a black mother and her children, title 'Udokotela Kololo uzoshumayela ngezingane'


An elderly man preparing 'ubulawu', sacred family infront of his grandson.


A pot of 'ubulawu' settled inside the kraal amongst the cattle while the boys are leading them out.

'Ubulawu Esbayeni'

A clay pot of Ubulawu inside  a kraal in preparation of a ceremony.

'Ubulawo Esibayeni'

A clay pot of Ubulawu inside a kraal in preparation of a ceremony  where the cow will be slaughtered.

'UBombo Mountains'

Scene of the Ubombo Mountains.


Rhinocerous mother with its cub. 

'Two Ducks in a Pond'

Black and white abstract of two ducks swimming in a pond.

'Two Bhaca Woman'

Two Bhaca women carying water pots and travelling on a country raod.


Watercolor abstract of plants in Dick King's garden in his house at Isiphongo in KwaZulu- Natal.

'Truery: the Griqua Maid

Watercolor portrait of Truery, a Griqua maid.

'Train Accident'

Black and white scene of a crowd of peoplein distress during a train accident, human bodies lying on the railway.

'Tower of Babel'

Black and white scene of the tower of Babel with figures in front of it.

'Toledo: two Oxen'

Watercolor scene of an Ox wagon carrying hay.


'Tlopo', Bavenda married woman drapped in beadwork.

'Tinos La Procession'

Tinos la Procession.

'Threshing Sorghum'

Xhosa women from Transkei threshing surghum after harvest.


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