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'Sivoto Nene'

Watercolor portrait of Sivoto Nene, a married woman from Eshowe in KwaZulu- Natal.


An elderly man 'Sikhumbane' basking in the sun snuffing tobacco.

'Ship wreck'

Black and white abstract of a ship wreck in the ocean.

'Sesi hambile'

Scene of two rural woman carrying water pots on their heads. Pen and colour.


Scene of two men, one concetrating on a book or bible, another one in serious thoughts.

'Sepulture din roi de Guinee'

Black and white scene of a town with human figure in Guinee.

'Self Portrait:Vince van Gogh'

Color portrait of Vincent van Gogh.

'Sangoma in a Trance'

Sangoma going on a trance and fainting after perfoming the sacred ritual of 'ukuphahla nokudla amagobongo'.

'Sacred ornaments'

Sacred ornaments at Makhosi Fourie's graduation ceremony.

'Round Pot'

A Zulu mother cooking a meal with the round black pot while her children are eargerly waiting.

'Rickshaw Boy'

Black and white portrait of a Rickshaw fully dressed in his Rickshaw outfit.

'Restored: King Cetshwayo

Colored portrait of King Cetshwayo posing for the 'Vanity Fair Magazine in 1882.

'Resting Labourer

Monochrome abstract of a man figure resting next to his working tools.


Trees reflecting on the river.

'Reading the Bones'

A male Sangoma reading bones during a consultation.


Watercolor landscape of a rainfall in the mountain.

'Rain Queen'

Black and white scene of the rain queen. 

'Racing home made car'

'Racing home made car' by Ernest  Mbuyisa, 12 years old of Ladysmith Primary School, 13.8.1961

'Prophet Isaiah Shembe'

Prophet Isaiah Shembe leading his followers in dance, taken before his death in 1935.

'Prince Impesial'

Colorful scene of the search and findings of  the body of Prince Impesial in 1879.


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