Campbell Collections

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Young unmarried courting youth from Umhlathuze.


Young courting Zulu boys.


'Izinkamba' Big and small clay pots in different shapes.


Wooden carved staffs designed for kings.


Bhaca children taking care and nursing each other.


Young Bhaca girl carrying her baby brother on her back.


A bunch of toddlers basking and playing in he sun.

'Izinduku': Amos Qwabe

Wooden carved sticks with head and animal carvings made by Mr. Amos Qwabe from Nongoma.


'Izikhali', large shield and spear used for fighting.


Wooden carved knobkerrie with beads.


Grass woven beer sift, called 'Ivovo' half finished.


A photograph of 'Itshitshi' dressed in her traditional outfit for Mr. Ephius Ngcobo's wedding.


Black and white photograph of a young maiden, dressed in beadwork costumes that symbolizes that she is at the right age to be married.


'Itshitshi', unmarried Zulu girl.


A young maiden attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


'Ithunga'. wooden carved milk pail with handles and incisions callled 'amasumpa'.


'Ithunga',  wooden caved calabash with incisions and handles which are called 'amasumpa'.

'Italian Woman'

Color scene of an Italian woman sitting on a chair.


Black and white photograph of  young man dressed in his traditional costume which shows that he is at the right age to get married.


'Isithebe', large grass woven platter with wire handles.


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