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Twins standing next to their trees which are planted and dedicated to them after birth as per Xhosa custom. 


Young girls at a marriagable stage 'Amatshitshi', basking on the sun while making reed mats.


'Amathambo', sacred bones used for divining.


Black and white photographs of two young maidens dressed in traditional beadwork clothes.


Black and white photograph of three married women from Grey town.


Black and white photograph of three married women from Greytown, dressed in Zulutraditional outfits.


Elderly Zulu man wearing head rings while enjoying a smoke.

'Amahlongwa Mission House'

Watercolor scene of Amahlongwa Missions House in which Rev. Mc-Kuiney stayed.


Black and white scene of Zulu Warriors 'amabutho'.

'Amabutho nezinkomo"

Color scene of a herd of cattle being driven by warious after a victorious battle.

'Aku'Abatene': Ashanti

Wooden carved fertility doll: Aku' Abatene'  from the Ashante tribe.

'African Custom'

Colorful scene of four faces.

'Achievement of Civilisation'

Bhaca woman fashinably dressed in European clothes during a fashion exposation titled 'Achievement of Civilisation'.


Mr. Ngcobo's bride with her matron of honor sorting out wedding gifts during her wedding.


Young Xhosa men, during their initiation process wearing a grass woven skirt and helmet with the body smeared in white chalk. They are secluded from the community during this period.


'Abakhwetha', boy initiates in Transkei before colonisation.

'Abaka Mkhwenyana'

Mr. Ngcobo and his family off to meet his bride and her family at the veld known as 'Esingcawini'.

'Abaka Makoti'

The Bride's family accompanying her to meet her in laws.

'A Zulu Kafir'

Watercolor  portrait of a Zulu man with a loin cloth and holding a stick.

'A Tulip'

Black and white sketch of a single Tulip flower with two leaves.


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