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Black and white photographo a married woman from Grey town wearing 'Inkelhi'. A Zulu hat worn by married women.

"Inja noNogwaja"Cl

Color scene of a dog chasing a hare during a hunt.

"Inja kaGogo"

Scene of an elderly lady and her dog walking on a pathway to a rural homestead. Black and white(pencil).


Watercolor scene of men and women celebrating the first fruit ceremony.


Color scene of men dancing during the first fruit ceremony, called 'Ingcube'.


Watercolor scene of men dancing during  the first fruit ceremony, called 'Igcube'.


Bearded colorful stick, carried by man from the Hluhluwe area in KwaZulu- Natal

"Indondo iqondisa amahhashi emqgeni"

Mixed media scene of a man with horses pulling a cart.


Black and white photograph of a Royal Queen from Greytown, dressed in a royal outit.

"Indian Muthi Shop"

"Indian Muthi Shop" Dealing with Black traditional medicine.

"KwaDumezweni" Durban, 1985.

"Indalo kaYehova iyonwabisa"

Indalo kaYehova iyonwabisa

"In the name of Jesus"

"In the name of Jesus"


Mr. Ngcobo and his Brother showing their Zulu traditional clothes.


An entire outfit of Imvunulo from the Nquthu Area in KwaZulu-Natal.





"Impi yase Sandlwana"

"Impi yase Sandlwana"

"Imbuzi yokuphothula"

Black and white scene of a man driving a goat to a diviner and patient to perform a ceremony.

"Imbube choir"

Imbube choir


Round plate made out of colorful telephone wires,with images of a Zulu homestead and domestic animals.


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