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Memory of the fallen soldiers.

Memory of the fallen soldiers. 

Men & Women of St Johns

Black and white portraits of men & women of St Johns in their best outfits.

Men and Women of the Cape de Verd Islands

Black and white portrait of Men and Women of the Cape de Verd Islands in their respective habits.

Men celebrating the first fruit ceremony

Sepia scene of a group of Zulu men dancing in celebration of the first fruit .

Men of Abe-Lungu clan Tshomaneland, Eastern Cape

Men of Abe-Lungu clan Tshomaneland, Eastern Cape

Men on horseback in Maseru, Lesotho, 24 February 1906



Label on photograph: "High Comm[r] Maseru 24/2/06"  

Note: High Comm[r] is possibly the British High Commissioner for Southern Africa.  In 1906 the High Commissioner was William Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne.

Men on horseback, attending a national meeting


Handwritten label on page: "Une assemblée nationa[le]" / "A national meeting"

Description: In the foreground there are seven men seated on horseback, and behind them, in the background, is an extensive line of men who are also on horseback.


Men on horsebacks

Men on horsebacks - Amos family photograph.

Merino Ewe

Merino Ewe found in South Africa.

Merino Ram

Merino Ram

Merino Ram

Merino Ram



Metal (tin) beer-skimmers, Greytown School SHow, 6.9.1962

Metal (tin) beer-skimmers. Greytown School Show, 6.9.1961

Metal Badge

Metal Badge

Metal Emblem

Metal or Bronze emblem.

Metcalf family on the verandah of a corrugated iron house


Label on back of photograph :


Standing: Guy Metcalf and his father Alfred Thomas Metcalf
Seated: Elsie Metcalf, Mrs Dixon and Reg

Original photograph in KCL Ph. Album in the Erskine MSS. "Album" with loose leaves, p. 1

Metcalf-Erskine wedding


Notes on back of photograph:

"Metcalf-Erskine wedding"

"Standing: Unknown except for Montague [Montagu] Erskine - 3rd from Right"

Methuen's gallant infantry storming a Kopie at Gras Pan, South Africa

Methuen's gallant Infantry storming a Kopie at Gras Pan, SOuth Africa

Meyrick Bannetti's house, 191 Chelmesford, Durban.

Meyrick Bennetti's house, 191 Chelmesford Road, Durban.

Michael House, Pietermaritzburg

Front of Michael House, Natal. Founded in 1896 in Pietermaritzburg then translated to Balgowan in 1906


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