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Waggon Brigde

 Wagoon Brigde over Buffalo River

Wagon Bridge

Wggon bridge over Buffalo river. King Williams town

Wagon crossing a river


Label on photograph: South Africa-Limited

Wahlberg Johan

Wahlberg Johan August 1810-1856

Waist belt and rattles for dancing

KCAV 1852 Waist belt and rattles for dancing. Pedi Mokomane 24.10.1960 Grosset no465. 1853 Waist /nect ring. Pedi Ngwane Mokube 3.11.1961. Grossert NO 810

Wale Street, Cape Town

Wale Street, Cape Town

Walking stick

Zululand walking stick with black tip and carved crooked handle.

Walking Stick

Wooden carved walking stick.

Walking stick

A Zulu walking stick made out of Ivory or bones. It has a black tip and carved handle. Used as a ceremonial gift with an inscription on the side of the handle. 

Walking stick

Walking stick with a carved baboon perched on the side of it.

Walking Stick

Walking stick with bone handle, presented to H.C Lugg by Mshiyeni Zulu in 1934 as a ceremonial gift.

Wall Cupboard

Cape 18th Century Wall Cupboard - Two doors - Teak + Yellow wood

Wall hanging by S. Leburn, Cushion cover by R. Mohapi

Wall hanging by S. Leburn  Mt Arthur Training School, 20.9.1961

Cushion cover by R. Mohapi  Mt Arthur Training School, 20.9.1961

Wall Plaque

Bronze or Metal wall plaque.

Wall Plate

Small wooden wall plate with animal hair.

War against the Zulus

The surprise: War against the Zulus, 1879.

War between Boers and Zulus

War between Boers and Zulus

War memorail

 War memorial Uitenhage

War memorial

War memorial, Wynberg

War Memorial

War memorial Grahamstown


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