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River uMkomaas

River uMkomaas

River Wey

River Wey, Guildford. 



Road at the foot of Leloaleng, 1900


Handwritten label on page: "Route an bas de Leloaleng 1900"


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 33b


Road bridge over lagoon

Scene of a road bridge over wide lagoon, sugar mills, village settlement, trees, mountains and a man in a boat.

Road from Scottsville overlooking township site, June 1930

Road from Scottsville overlooking township site, June 1930

Road to school

Scene of a road going through a village to a school in distance 


Roadstead East London

Robert and John

Robert and John, taken in Brooklyn April 1944.

Roberts son's monument

Lord Roberts'sons monument, Colenso

Roberts, Fredrick Sleigh

Roberts, Fredrick Sleig, 1st earl of Kandahar, 1832-1914


A pair of Robin eating a worm on a tree.

Rock drift

 Closeup view of the tent of unroofer buildings

Rocke`s Drift

 Millitary masons erecting memorial stones

Rocke`s Drift

 Treced copy of rough skertch of the plan

Rocke`s Drift

 Depict stone rectangles

Rocke`s Drift

 Depicts the ridge overlooking the hospital

Rocke`s Drift

Depicts a sketch of the layout

Rocke`s Drift

 Depicts an illustration of the defence of Rock`s drift

Rocke`s Drift

 Engraving of entrenched position


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