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Wooden sculpture. Ndaleni Art School

Wooden sculpture. Ndaleni Art School. c1957

wooden sculpure of monkey. matimatolo school 6.6.1962

Wooden sculpture of monkey

Wooden sieve

Wooden sieve with round deep handle. Holes on the spacula to strain liquids or beer.

Wooden spoon

A carved wooden spoon with a tear-drop shape handle. 

Wooden spoon

Wooden carved spoon with a long handle. Light wood

Wooden spoon

Carved spoon with shallow spacula shape.Made in Zulu land

Wooden spoon

Long wooden spoon with a deep cone shape. Carved in the middle.

Wooden spoon

Zulu wooden spoon  with a round shallow handle.

Wooden Spoon

Round deep ladle with holes for straining liquids.

Wooden spoon

Carved Spoon of one piece of wood(damaged, made frm a Lekkerbreek wood from Waterberg area.It is a large bowl with  an interesting handle and two round cables attached to the handle. 

Wooden Zulu Dancing Spear

Zulu dancing spear collected by Colonel Henry Lugg

Woods irregulars

 Depicts the levies on parade


Carved chain and bowl, 1913

Woodwork Bowl

 Beer-pot with lid

Wool embroidery. Shawbury Training School, 8.4.1960

Wool embroidery. Shawbury Training School, 8.4.1960

Wool woven floor-mat by Princess Mantsha

Wool woven floor-mat by Princess Mantsha of Emgwabi L.P. III (Xhosa)

Wool woven handbags

Woven wool handbags. Botshabelo, 27.10.1960

Wool-tapestry and teachers -group -crafts at Worcester School

Wool-tapestry and teachers-group -craft at Worcester Bantu School, 5.8.1959

Wool-tapestry and teachers-group -crafts

Wool-tapestry and teachers-group-crafts at Worcester Bantu School. 5.8.1959

Wool-tapestry. Worcester School

Wool-tapestry. Worsester School, 5.8.1959


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