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" Ohe Zoni"

Bearded necklace in white, green, blue and blue with words ' Ohe Zoni'. It came from Emabomvini in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Rasta man"

Black and white scene of a room with a television, radio and casettes. ( Type: Lead Pencil)

" Relaxtion"

Black and white  scene of man figure with different items around him. ( Type: Etching)

" Rorkes Drift Postal Agency"

Oil canvas scene of Rorkes Drift post office, with people going in and out.

" Samson"

A scene of Samson and the Lion.

" Sand paping machine"

Abstract from a woodcut in brown of a sand paping machine on the table overlooking a window.

" Sandile: a Kaffir Chief"

Color portrait of King Sandile of the Xhosa Clan.

" Schlafend Kid"

Color portrait of a baby.

" Shall Cross"

Colourful scene of a church surrounded by cypress trees and there is a hut in the background. ( Type: Tempera)

" Sky bird"

Scene of an Airplane frying over green fields and the ocean. ( Type: Ballpoint pen & crayon)

" Squaters"

Scene of a person moving possesions on an ox wagon.

" The Administration House Building"

Black and white scene of the Main and Administration Building in Pietermaritzburg.

" The dance.

Monochrome abstract with black and white figures dancing. ( Type: Linocut)

" The Dead Surviver"

Monochrome abstract of figures hovering over a man that looks dead behind bushes. There are five similar prints of this work.

" The downs and ups of life"

Monochrome abstract of a man with his hand on his head looking sad, with commotion behind him.

" The manifestation of circles"

Colourful abstract of joined circles.( Tyep: Oil pastel on paper)

" The official is in the post Office"

Monochrome scene of a riot in front of a post office with the crowd turning a car upside down. ( Plate mask)

" The return of Peace"

Black and white scene of man rising from the grave with Jesus in the sky while two alcoholics are making their way to Sipho's Tarven.

" The Shepherd"

Clay figure of a Shepherd carrying a lamb on his head, wearing a striped long coat and black pants.

" The Street Cleaner"

Monochrome figure of a man holding a broom next to a rubbish bin, across the houses sweeping the street. There are four similar prints of this work.


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