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"My beautiful house" - Amazwi abesifazane memory cloth project.

"My beautiful house"

Amazwi abesifazane memory cloth project.

A group of buildings close to a river, and mountains in the background


Unlabelled photograph


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 10b



A young man pulling a rickshaw carrying two passengers, possibly in Acutt Street, Durban, ca 1900


Label on back of photograph: Durban ca 1900 (? Acutt St) (Neg.Sh. 347, E.6)

Description: Late nineteenth-century.  A young man pulling a rickshaw, carrying two passengers, along a dirt road with trees in the background  


James Robert Webster papers (KCM 92/3) ;

An elderly woman, seated indoors, with a gramophone on a table nearby (1)


Caption for photograph: Her first Grammaphone

Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 30



Art School student: Cameron

Ndaleni Art School student: Cameron Nkonka




View of Berea, Durban

Brooms . Mashste school.

KCAV 1313-4 Brooms.Mashste school.Skiluvane Show.( Transvaal?). Grossest No 667-8.

Cape Road

 Cape road, Port Elizabethh

Central Hotel

Central Hotel Cathcart

Church street Middelburg

Church street Middelburg Cape

Costume Apron

 Apron for married woman from Kwamatakana

Five black men

Colenso album Five aged black men with staffs

Isipingo Beach, ca 1945


Label on back of photograph: Isipingo Beach, Natal, ?ca 1945 (Neg.Sh. 348, C.4)

Description: Mid twentieth-century  


James Robert Webster papers (KCM 92/3) ;

File 4 (KCM 92/3/4)


Mary Ann Webster, with two women and two girls, outside "Ayott", Umbilo Rd, Durban


Label on back of photograph: Late nineteenth-century or early twentieth-century.  Mary Ann Webster with her daughters and others at "Ayott", Umbilo Rd, Durban (Neg.Sh. 347, D.5)

Description:  Three women and two children outside a house, with a verandah in the background.

Melville lieut Teignmouth 1842-1979

The cross marking the grave of Lieuts. Melville and Coghil

Miller; image of a farm, Cape Town

Allister Miller; image of a farm

Mountain scenery


Unlabelled photograph


Description:  The photograph depicts a mountain in the background, with some rows of trees at the foot of the mountain, and buildings partially hidden amongst the trees.  There is a succulent plant, probably an aloe, in the foreground. 


Natal Colony

 Natal Colony executive council

Natal Native Contigent

Natal native contigent. Depict the contigent


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