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Letter to Francis

REALITY  published an article of Mark Swilling. Which he never gave consent  to be published.  It was a draft copy . There will be an apology in the next issue.

Letter to from the Department of History to Peter Brown

Dear Peter , Sorry to be so long in replying to your letter of 18 June . My major difficulty was extracting replies from the other people I had approached

Letter to Gregory Gransden from Peter Brown

Many thanks for your subscripion and donation which......

Letter to H Selby Msimang from Secretary for the Interior
Letter to Hains from Peter Brown
Letter to Hains from Peter Brown
Letter to Harry ad Audrey from Peter Brown
Letter to Hugh Levin from NUSAS
Letter to Ilse Fischer from R K Brooks
Letter to Jenny Santilhano from Peter Brown
Letter to Julian

Don't think you can escape from me by running off to the other end of the earth.........

Letter to Laurie and Hugh Levin from Adrian Leftwich
Letter to Mr and Mrs Peter Brown fron Mrs M D Jenkins
Letter to Mr Hofmeyr from Alan Paton
Letter to Mr Jones
Letter to Mr Jones

Dear Mr. Jones, I am not sure whether you were able to have discussions vii th our friends on your way home from here......

Letter to Mr Mike Roussos from P.M. Brown

Before he left for America, Francis Antonie told me that you had very kindly agreed to review the book.....



Letter to Mr Ntomu from Peter Brown

Dear Nr . Ntomu, Thank you fo r your letter of 18th August........

Letter to Mrs Dorrie Paton from J Millie
Letter to O B Bull


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