Alan Paton Centre and Struggle Archives

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Margaret Paton with children Anth, Nic and Pam

Black and white print 9 x 9cm

Marching up from the station

Black and white print 23 x 11.5

Map of Natal and Kaffraria drawn and engraved by J Rapkin John Tullis and Co, London and New York

Digital, framed print, Paton Study

Manuscript Librarian Joicelyn Leslie-Smith looking at a display in the pasage of the Alan Paton Centre

Colour print 8.8 x 12.6cm

Manifesto of protest against the so-called compromise concerning the Cape Native Franchise
Man of the Word
Majuba Hill, Volksrust

Sepia print 6.3 x 8.9cm 

Main Wharf, Durban

Hand coloured print 17.2 x 24.5cm

Main points in Jan H Hofmeyr's university students
Main points in Jan H Hofmeyr's addresses to schoolboys
Mahatma Gandhi, portrait

Black and white print 12.6 x 18.7cm

Mahatma Gandhi outside his Johannesburg office, 1908. Gandhi is the 3rd person from the left.

Black and white print 17.9 x 25.8cm

Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba with Kimberley passive resisters.

Black and white print 25.7 x 18.9cm

Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba

Black and white print 20.2 x 25.8cm

Mahatma Gandhi and G K Gokhale at a function in their honour, 1912.

Black and white print 25.8 x 18.5cm

Magnifying glass


Maggie Barker's sister at the Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital, Nqutu

Black and white print approx 5.5 x 5.5cm

Madame Virginie Cheron

Sepia print 10.2 x 6.1cm faded

Madame Broughton. She is presumably the wife of Mr M B Broughton who worked at the Natal Society Library from 1924-1944

Sepia print 16.1 x 10.8cm

Macmurray: Edinburgh


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