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Black Sash members, Pietermaritzburg. From left: W Leeb, B Biggs, P Merrett, A Diesel

Black and white print 20.1 x 25.3

Black Sash members, Pietermaritzburg. D Stevens, M Dyer, P Krynauw, P Merrett, P Dunn, M Wittenberg, J Kerchhoff, F Fouche

Black and white print 16.4 x 21.4

Black Sash members, from left: R Cochrane, M Kleinenberg, D Stephens, F Bulman, F Fouche

Black and white print 16.4 x 21.5

Black Sash members wearing badges stating "Eerbiedig ons grondwet" ("Respect/honour our Constitution")

Black and white print 19.9 x 15.8

Black Sash members protesting: "Unban the ANC", L-R: Claire Kerchhoff, Mary Kleinenberg, Jennifer McKenzie, Monica Wittenberg, Lorenza Cowling

Black and white photograph 15.2 x 22cm

Black Sash members protest on banning: Stephanie Alexander and Fleur Webb

Black and white print 20 x 15

Black Sash members protest on banning: S Maughan-Brown, Ruth Lundie, Fleur Webb, Angela Rivett-Carnac, Mary Gardner, Stephanie Alexander

Black and white print 21 x 16.5

Black Sash members outside a Cape Town building

Reproduction 7.5 x 10.5

Black Sash members demonstrating against the Group Areas Act

Reproduction 7.5 x 11

Black Sash members at a night vigil

Reproduction 7.5 x 12.6

Black Sash member: Rosemary Ruether

Colour print 8.8 x 12.8

Black Sash member: Mary Kleinenberg outside the General Post Office

Colour print 8.9 x 12.7

Black Sash member Mary Kleinenberg with poster "we demand a full judicial inquiry into the alleged police death squad"

Colour print 8.4 x 12.6

Black Sash member A Diesel holding a poster

Colour print 12.6 x 8.8

Black Sash march

Black and white print 16 x 21.5

Black Sash leaders and regional executive committee members planning for a demonstration against the Senate Act at Stellenbosch

Reproduction 16.6 x 10.4

Black Sash group against capital punishment. Special Branch taking details, L-R: A Diesel behind man, F Fouche, Jane Worsnip, Christine Chapman

Black and white print 13.8 x 12.6

Black Sash delegates

Black and white print 21.3 x 16.2

Black Sash

Black and white print 21 x 15.5

Black Sash

Black and white print 21 x 15.4


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