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Detention of United Democratic Front's activists

The UDF totally condemns the detention of more than thirty (30) campaigners against apartheid in Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Transvaal and Oudtshoorn. We demand the immediate release of all these activists and the cessation of these acts of terror.

Chamber of mines must negotiate

Press statement from Albetina Sisulu about the negotiations that chamber of mines must take.

Call for peace

Statement calling for peace as the past years was characterised by the most brutal violence unleashed agaisnt people as all peace-loving South Africans are still deeply touched by the carnage that gripped the country.


Group Areas

Borough of Dundee

Dundee - Borough in the Northern Natal

Areas Reservation and Immigration and Registration (Further Provision) Bill, 1925.

Commerce, Immigrants regulations, Mr Gandhi, Asiatics, Areas Reservation


No justice-loving and fair-minded person can deny that the grievances of the school-going population, as in 1976 is valid and indisputable. H hat they deserve the support and backing of all parents and the communities is equally vital.


Land, Borough of Port Shepstone

A True Story of the Unity Move and An Explanation and Exposure

A sense of public duty and a desire to lay bare to public exposure misleading statements and misguided actions made and pursued by some of our people, who had up till 8th October, 1939, been Officials and Members of the Natal Indian Congress, compel us to publish this statement..

What are the United Democratic Front would like to see in 1988

Statement made by the United Democratic Front regarding their plans for 1988 to set firmly down the road for negotiation and peace.


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