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Report on Botswana: ACT to control political refugees

ANC report from Lusaka on the situation of ANC political refugees in Botswana.

Summary of the events in connection with Mr James Jobe Hadebe

Summary of events regarding the resignation from the External Mission of the African National Congress of South Africa of James Jobe Hadebe. Marked Confidential, for circulation to Congress members.

NUSAS reconstruction

Report consisting of three NUSAS Commission reports. The first one is called Commission of NUSAS reconstruction, followed by Commission of SASO publications, and an article entitled Race and Economics in South Africa.

Report on the 1st National Formation School held on the 1st to the 4th December 1969. at the Black Section,University of Natal

The idea behind the Formation school was to allow participants the chance for self-development through participation in discussions and other projects.This offered participants training in leadership skills which will contribute to to developing capable leaders within SASO.

SPRO-CAS Occasional Publication Number 1: Anatomy of apartheid

Report of the Study Project on Christianity in Apartheid Society analysing the political situation in South Africa under apartheid.

South African Students' Organisation: historical background

The document traces the early history leading to the formation of the South African Students Organisation (SASO). An undated, estimated budget and supplementary notes to the budget are attached to the document.

Report on meeting of members of Executive held in Dar es Salaam, 28th February 1968

Report of a meeting of the ANC Executive held in Dar es Salaam, mainly to discuss the Pan Africanist Congress plans to commemorate Sharpeville day.

Portuguese territories and Rhodesia-first defence line against terrorism
Working paper on the International Student Movement

Working paper on the international student movement. Part of appendices for the International Department, presented at the 44th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, 30 Jun to 9 July, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Natives Resettlement Board: Annual Report 1958/59

Report of the Natives Resettlement Board for the year ended 31st March 1979, reporting on the forced removals of black people from Sophiatown, Martindale, Alexandra and being resettled in Meadowlands and Diepkloof.

Report on my visit to Mocambique: 17th March - 3rd April 1962

Report to the Commandant-General, Defence Headquarters, Pretoria, written by R P D Dymond, Captain, South African Navy, Military and Air, on his visit to Mozambique to inspect military, naval and air installations.

The Black Sash National Conference 1965: Headquarters Report

The Black Sash National Conference: Headquarters Report on 18 October 1965, discussing: Advice Offices, raids, press support, Apartheid, magazine, publicity and propaganda.

Fallen Comrades

List of freedom fighters who have been captured, killed or wounded in the fighting in Zimbabwe.


Collection of right-wing statements and reports on student activities, issued by the Joint SA Universities Right-Wing students appended to the NUSAS President's report presented at 42nd Annual Congress of NUSAS.

Report of Sub-Committee on problems of the Congress Movement

Report of a meeting of a sub-committee of the ANC National Executive Committee. Meeting held to propose new machinery, examine finances, request London comrades to explain the idea of a Council of War and examine and summarise a memorandum received from the London office.

Report of Sub-Committee on problems of the Congress Movement

Report outlines the problems facing the Congress Movement and outlines some proposed remedies

Draft report for the Commission on the Improper Interference Bill

Draft report by the National Union of South African Students for submission to the Commission on the Improper Interference Bill. States objects and structure of the National Union and its policy and activities.

Interim report of the African National Congress Joint Committee on Reduction of Expenditure

Report by Moses Kotane on reduction of expenditure in the African National Congress. Recommends the reduction of allowances and reduction in camps expenditure. Submitted to the National Executive Committee on the 27th August 1967.

Grahamstown and Group Areas

Documents relating to the Group Areas Act and its negative implications for Grahamstown communities, with particular reference to the Chinese, Indian, Coloureds, and European communities.

Black Peoples Convention: Lenasia Branch and Durban Central lists of members and addresses

List of Black People's Convention members in Durban and Lenasia


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