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Report of Executive Committee submitted to Working Committee meeting held on Sunday, 19th November 1950 at 10a.m.

Working Committee Meeting

1949 Annual Conference of the Natal Indian Congress

General Secretary's Political Report

General Secretary's report on the Natal Indian Congress for the period June 1948 till June 1949

Report of the N.I.C. 1948-1949

Report on the disturbances in Durban Submitted by the Executive to the Working Committee meeting
Report on 1949 riots relief fund

1949 Riots

Report on Lynn van der Riet
Report of the Select Committee on Social Security

THE PROPOSALS OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY COMMITTEE. Definition of social security scheme........

A Summary of the Social Security Scheme recommended by the Social Security Committee and of REPORT No.2(entailed:SOCIAL SECURITY, SOCIAL SERVICES AND THE NATIONAL INCOME) of the Social and Economic Planning Council.
Report of a Sub Committee appointed by the Natal Indian Congress

NIC Report

Natal Indian Congress Deputation report to Cape Town and Pretoria - March 1944

 Deputation report

Report of the N.I.C. Passive resistance campaign in Natal

N.I.C. documents

Summary of the Commission Report on Education

Summary of N.I.C. Conference

Natal Indian Congress - General Secretary's Report

N.I.C. report

Secretary report submitted on the 26 March 1976

N.I.C. Report

Natal Indian Congress - Secretarial Report


Secretarial Report of the Natal Indian Congress

N.I.C. Report

Report by Mr M.D. Barmania

SAIC Report

Report of the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act Commission

South African Indian Congress Report

Report of the deputation that waited on The Rt. Hon. General J C Smuts

South African Indian Congress reports

SAIC and DIO- various Memoranda and reports 1946 to 1948

Report by the members of the deputation on the Natal Indian Organisation


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