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ANC-KwaZulu/Natal: Let Us Develop Rural Communities
Indian Immigration Bureau - Report for the Year ended 31st March 1934

 Indian Immigration Bureau - Report for the Year ended 31st March 1934

15 Years on Robben Island 06/07/1964 to 16/11/1979
1949 Annual Conference of the Natal Indian Congress

General Secretary's Political Report

1949 Riots Reports and Statements


52nd Annual Report Natal Indian Cane Growers' Association Annual Report Season 1987 / 1988 Sunday 24 July 1988

Annual Report Season 1987 / 1988

A brief history of student action in South Africa

Report on brief history of student action in South Africa

A Brief history of the Glendale Sugar Mill

This project outlines the progress of the mill from 1880 to the present day. It also discusses the history of transport at Glendale, ite farmers, workers an4 future as a sugar industry.

A brief outline of matters discussed by the National Executive Sub-committee for June 26 with the African Liberation Committee

Report on a meeting between the ANC National Executive Committee and the African Liberation Committee held in Dar Es Salaam regarding the organisation of a campaign to commemorate June 26th.

A call for solidarity with the students and people of South Africa fighting against racism

Report by Neville Curtis, President of the National Union of Students calling on people to join the struggle against racism (Kumasi statement). Appendix to President's Report at the 47th Annual Congress of the Union, University of Natal, Durban, July 1971.

A digest of the Fagan Report
A focus on Lenasia

Lenasia ratepayers assocaition

A preliminary survey into the housing and education of our fellow South Africans of the Coloured community report presented at National Conference 1973

A Preliminary Survey into the Housing and Education of Our Fellow South Africans of the Coloured Community Report presented at National Conference on 18 October 1973, discussing: Housing, living conditions, health, forced removals, Urban Areas Act, Education, problems in schools, expenditure on e

A report on the National Executive Committee session held on the 15-24th July 1977

A report on the National Executive Committee session held on the 15-24th July 1977 signed by Alfred Nzo. Discussed economic crisis, underground activities, the enemy counter-offensive and the international situation.

A resume as to its formation
A socio-economic and land-use survey of Umzinto North

In 1974 the Town Board of Umzinto North was established which brought Park Rynie and Umzinto jointly under the local government of Umzinto North. The new status presented Indian administrators and local residents with considerable challenges.

A Socio-economic Study of a Site and Service Scheme in Durban (Tintown)

In 1959 the Durban City Council established a "site and service scheme" at Springfield Flats, on the southern bank of the Umgeni River, to provide alternative accommodation for Indian families whose illegal shacks had been declared a health hazard by the Medical Officer of Health.


Background: Religious Traditions and Change The history of the great religious traditions is an evolutionary one. Over the centuries and in different localities they have adapted themselves to meet the needs of changing circumstances.

A statement of the National Executive Committee to all units of the African National Congress

Statement by Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the ANC National Executive Committee to the ANC regarding the changed situation after June 16th, 1976.

A statement on apartheid and a confession of faith

Statement by the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk (NGK) on separate development, racism as an ideology and the relationship between the NGK and the NG Mission Church. Included are statements of White NGKs on the WARC decisions.


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