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Development of R26m Black Glenmore township to begin

Press cutting about the development of Glenmore township for the resettlement of Black people.

...but coloured families to stay

Press article about the Dias Divisional Council's decision to allow coloured families to stay at Klipfontein farm whilst forcing black families to relocate

African squatters to be moved from Klipfontein Farm

Press article about the forced removal of black people from the Klipfontein settlement near Kenton on Sea

Plan for township scrapped

Press article about the scrapping of plans to develop a consolidated African township at Klipfontein, a farm near Bushman's River Mouth for Africans from Boknes, Kenton on Sea, Bushman&'s River Mouth, Cannon Rocks.

Summons for squatting

Press article about summons to appear in court served on coloureds and blacks residents of Klipfontein charged with illegal squatting under the Bantu Trust and Land Act.

Squatters at Bushman's River big headache

Press article about the growing number of squatters at Bushman's River village

Committees Drift go-ahead

Press cutting relating to the Government's go-ahead with the Committeees Drift Glenmore scheme to resettle Black people from Grahamstown in the Ciskei. Attached is another press article, published in the Eastern Province Herald, entitled "Committees Drift plan to go ahead"

Glenmore to boost local business

Press cutting relating to the benefits that would arise for local businesses by the development of Glenmore Township

Glenmore to boost local businesses

Newspaper article about business opportunities that would result from the development of Glenmore Township

Give Glenmore water plea

Press article relating to the urgent need for the planning of an adequate water supply system for Glenmore Township

A new situation has emerged: let us meet the challenge!

Unauthored statement on the impending independence of Angola, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique, providing proof that the liberation of Southern Africa is assured.

Glenmore squatters move starts next week

Newspaper article on the forced removals of Black families from Klipfontein to Glenmore

The first five hundred houses of the contentious Glenmore township on the Fish River

Press cutting of a photograph of houses of Glenmore township which make up a temporary township to house to squatters from the coastal farm Klipfontein

Glenmore plan slammed

Newspaper article quoting Donald Savage denouncing the proposed forced removals of Black people from Kenton-on-Sea to Glenmore Resettlement Camp in the Ciskei

Glenmore plans slammed

Press cutting on the proposed forced removal of blacks from Kenton on Sea to Glenmore resettlement camp.

NUSAS motion

This article discusses things that the National Assembly notes as problems for South African Students. It also discusses strategies that were suggested as the solutions for their problems.

Sebe assured of Whittlesea

Press article on a meeting held by Ciskei Chief Minister L L Sebe and Deputy Minister of Plural Relations, Dr W Vosloo discussing matters relating to the resettlement of people at Whittlesea and Glenmore

Black power - students forced to leave meeting


Group Areas proclaimed: Fingo village now for Coloureds

Press cutting announcing the proclamation of the Group Areas Act in Grahamstown for White and Coloured areas

Families given deadline to move

Press cutting referring to the eleven days notice given to black residents of Kenton on Sea to move to Committees Drift


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