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National Party year of action
Daily News BALLOT 2004: South Africa Votes. Tuesday, April 13 2004

In the words of Comrade President O,R. Tambo: "A country, a movement, a people,......

Illustrated London News

 on the Transvaal Frontier, the lamentable loss of life which occurred there and the possible danger to which his small force, although.....

The New African towards a Non-Racial South Africa - Volume 2 No 19


The Democrat - Oct/Nov 1992

The Democrat - Newspaper

The Democrat - AUG 1992


Political Detainees: 1987-1989

Hunger strikes

Vision. The Paper for Change - Vol 8 No.11/12


The New African Vol 2 No.16

Newspaper publication

Call for immediate release of leaders held by police - Grey Street quiet as traders protest

MORE than 600 people........

Convention For A Democratic South Africa

Newspaper articles of 1992

Governemt to take the first step

From ou political correspondence

State Social Security Plan Published

The Governments White paper on Social Security.....

Press Notice issued by the prime Minister

press notice

Five Freed Detainees Re-Arrested
Natal Indian Congress - 90 Proud Year’s 1894 to 1984 advertising supplement

Post Article

Press Release - 21 October 1956

The keynote of the deliberations at the 22nd Biennial Conference of the South African Indian Congress was the total rejection of apart­heid and all its ramifications.  The Conference, in a resolution de-.....


Press Release

The grim story of oppressive rule over non-whites of successive.......

Press Release

"Since the last conference of our Congress, the Indian people in common vvith the African and coloured peoples, have been subjected to unmitigated oppression on grounds of race and colour.....


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