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Spy shock for Brigadier van den Bergh: Security Police Chief says Higgs and Watson would'nt have escaped
Fouche tells Plotz story: Lack of liaison with police denied
Defence Chief reveals spy facts: Security break is denied by Fouche
Army knew of A.R.M - But Security men were not told
David Plotz tells amazing story of intrigue
Press Cutting on Leslie Rubin
Reaping benefits of incarceration by Yvonne Grimbeek

Press cutting from The Natal Witness, Thursday, April 27, 1995

1956 Natal Expedition to find the Lost City of the Kalahari: Press cuttings
Various press articles
Indian Costume, Clothing, Dress and Fashion

Indian Costume, Clothing, Dress and Fashion

Costume, Clothing and Design
Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Adieu to a 'particular kind of liberal': Obituary: Peter Brown
Our readers write: Various newspaper articles from The Natal Witness on Peter Brown
Adieu to a 'particular kind of liberal', Obituary: Peter Brown
Obituaries: Peter Brown, twice-banned Liberal Party stalwart
Liberal Party co-founder dies
Salute to Peter Brown
Sandy Jacobson Press Article: Unsung heroine of the struggle

Sandy Jacobson (40), who was brutally assaulted and murdered over the weekend and found locked in the boot of her car on Monday, was my cousin.

Newspaper article: Jacob Zuma, one of KwaZulu Natal's most prominent sons, is fast emerging as the faourite for the position of ANC deputy president

While the controversy over nominations for the ANC deputy presidency rages on and South Africans ponder whether Jacob Zuma, the party leadership's favorite, will indeed become the ANC's next deputy president, Mr Zuma himself hardly appears to be hardly enjoying his share of the excitement.


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