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ANC Womens's League : National Conference Rally

Black, green and yellow poster. ANC Women's League Logo. White and black lettering. Rally at Galeshewe Stadium, Kimberley on 24th April 1991. List of speakers and events. Black images of women dancing across bottom of poster.

ANC Women's League : national conference

White, black, green and yellow poster. Notice of ANC Women's Leage 1st National Conference at Kimberley on 24-28 April 1991. Artwork of three women holding up ANC Logo.

Free the children free the nation

Offset litho; red on white; also red on yellow; Free the children free the nation :Launch rally : National committee for childrens rights


Placard for Beeld newspaper with headline Apartheid by openbare geriewe gaan waai. Blue lettering in poster. Beeld in white letters on red block. Date Saterdag 2 Junie 1990.

South African youth day: June 16

Offset litho; black, red, green and yellow; South African youth day organisation - Discipline - Action for power and peace

ANC welcome rally for ANC women from exile

Black, green and yellow blocks with white and black lettering. Rally on 17th June 1990, at Jabulani Amphitheatre. Artwork of two women holding welcome home signs. List of speakers and events. Black, green and yellow striped border.

The Open School children's art calendar 1990: July and August

Open School on the move poster. Two multicoloured artworks and comments on problems in their lives by children. Calendar for July and August 1990.

Enough is enough! : Stop apartheid's war

Black and white poster with black and white lettering. Call for national stayaway on Monday 2nd July 1990. Mass marches in all major centres. Logos of COSATU, UDF and SAYCO.

National conference : Computers for transformation

Multicoloured poster with title on flag at top. Image of hands clasping coming out of computers on either side of poster.

South African Labour Bulletin

Front cover of South African Labour Bulletin. August 1990. Volume 15. Number 2. Purple cover with black lettering. List of contents. Black and white photos of workers marching carrying placards. List of SAMWU demands.

South African Labour Bulletin August 1990

Cover of the South African Labour Bulletin. Volume 15 Number 2, August 1990. Purple, black and white poster. List of SAMWU demands. Black and white photographs of people striking. List of contents.

ANC Womens League national launch

Black, green and yellow poster advertising launch. Yellow and black lettering. Black image of four women in centre of poster. List of speakers. ANC Logo. Launch at Curries Fountain Stadium, Durban on 12th August 1990.

National launch ANC Women's League

Black, green, yellow and white poster. Notice of launch of ANC women's league on Sunday 12th August 1990, at Curries Fountain Stadium, Durban. List of speakers. Artwork of four women.

UAW Welcomes Mandela

Multicoloured poster issued by the United Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Artwork of Mandela in front of a protesting crowd. U. S. Freedom Tour June 1990.

South African Labour Bulletin

Front page of Labour Bulletin, June 1990, Volume 15, Number 1. List of contents. Two black and white photo's of men. Words 'new jobs - new skills - new divisions'. Yellow background with black lettering.

SACP Launch Rally: build the party

Offset litho; red, black and yellow; SACP Launch Rally: Build the party!

Work in progress

White, grey, black and red poster. Work in Progress 65. Artwork of demonstrators and riot police. Words - "500 dead: who set the fuse?" Socialism after Stalin.

Ban racist tours : Isolate apartheid sport !

Protest meeting at Wanderers Cricket Ground, against Ali Bacher and South African Cricket Union (SACU). White poster with black lettering. Stop the tour.

Postage stamps: second quarter 1990

White background. Yellow scrollwork in four corners. Grey oval in centre containing replicas of postage stamps issued in Southern African countries in 1990. Philatelic services and Intersapa poster.

Department of Health and Education : SA Catholic Bishop's Conference

Notice of a prayer meeting. Yellow poster with black lettering. Prayer Meeting on 21st April 1990 at Jona Convent, Gezina, Pretoria. Speaker Archbishop George Daniels. Issued by SACBC.


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