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Women say no! to militarisation!: women say no! to the call up

Red poster with white lettering. March 8th. International Women's Day. End Conscription Campaign poster.

Women say justice before reconciliation

WOSA Gender Commission 1996. Women's Organisation for Socialist Action. WOSA Logo. Black background. Multicoloured artwork of two women, one naked with a scar down her back, dead people on the floor. City skyline in the background.

Women rrise!

Yellow, black, grey and red poster. Artwork of women with fists raised, protesting. Words 'organise, unite for people's power!'.

Women raise your voice in the future constitution

Green and yellow poster with black lettering. Notice of a cultural event on 11th August 1991 at 10h00 at Medunsa Stadium, Pretoria. Artwork of five people with fists raised. ANC logo. Produced by the ANC Womens League (PWV).

Women political prisoners

White poster with black lettering. Image of woman's head with red gag across mouth. Names of prisoners. Conditions in jail?

Women organising for change: A history

Yellow poster with green lettering. History of the ANC Women's League. Black and white artwork of african women.

Women march for peace!

Yellow poster with black lettering. Title in yellow letters on black background. Notice of rally for all women from all parties on 23rd September 1989 at Union Buildings, Pretoria.

Women making links against apartheid: hamba kahle Liz Hollis

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of women with their hands raised, wearing symbols on the back of their clothes. Anti-Apartheid Movement, London.

Women fight for freedom

Black and white poster with slash of green and yellow. ANC logo 1912-1987 : 75 years. Quote from Dora Tamana. Photograph of women running across the road with a tank and soldiers in the background. Artwork of a women with a scarf around her face.

Women against apartheid

Cream poster with brown lettering. Notice of National Women's Day, August 9th. Images of one woman standing speaking to small crowd of women sitting down.

Women : a power for change

Black poster with pink lettering. Title repeated four times. Notice of National Conference by South African Council of Churches from 24th to 28th June 1985. SACC Logo.

Woman's profile

Grey poster with profile of a woman's face. Face is inset with multicoloured photos and images of women streaming out behind profile. Foreign language poster.

Woman and her bicycle

Woman and her bicycle


Black and white poster. Artwork of an African woman. Poem by Abduraghiem Johnstone.


Black poster with poem "Woman", by Abourghiem Johnstone,in white letters. Black and white photo of an African woman.

Woe to him who gathers and increases that which is not his

Quote from the Bible. Habakkuk 2, verse 6. Multicoloured poster. Photograph of a child sitting on a rubbish dump. Photograph of Rolls Royce car with politicians in it and a cavalcade of horses. Zimbabwe flag.

Wits worker leaders say: Vote ANC

Yellow poster with black border and lettering and ten black and white photographs of Wits workers. COSATU logo. Issued by COSATU Wits region. ANC logo.

Wits student : The real news : Sign up now!

Recruitment poster for Wits Student. Black and white poster with title in red and copies of newspapers in background. Red border.

WITS Student

Black and white poster with images of students protesting and carrying posters. Reverse side of poster 1244-1. Taken from Wits Student publication.

Wits spring festival: cultural identity in a new South Africa

offset litho; full colour with artwork by school child Lauren Singh; Wits spring festival : Cultural identity in a new South Africa


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