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SACP Western transvaal region launch rally

SACP launch rally poster. Venue Tigane Stadium, 24th November 1991. White background with black lettering. SACP Logo. List of speakers.

Day in the park! : Come and join us!

Green poster with black lettering. Black images of adults and children holding hands in centre of title. Black images of four trees. List of events. ANC Logo. Venue Grosvenor Park, Mayfair on the 30th November 1991.

1991 COSATU Campaigns

Yellow and black poster. Notice of campaigns for 1991 by COSATU. Photograph of men, women and children holding placards. COSATU Logo.

Congress of South African Trade Unions: Year Planner 1992

Yellow and red poster with black lettering. COSATU Logo. 1992 Year Planner with significant dates highlighted. COSATU contact details and regional/affiliates phone numbers. Black and white photographs of people protesting.

Ten fighting years against racism repression and exploitation! 1982 - 1992

National Union of Mineworkers poster. Yellow and red poster with title in black letters and black border. Red, yellow, black and red logo of National Union of Mineworkers. Red strip at bottom with dates in yellow letters.

De la domination a la liberation

Poster of a girl in multicoloured dress. Title in yellow letters. 'Words 500 ans apres Colomb'. Image of a face beind the girl. Dark background to poster. Small image of South America at bottom right hand corner.


A3 black and white litho poster; picture Nelson Mandela

Umkhonto we sizwe

Green, yellow, black and white poster. Notice of an intended 30 year anniversary rally. ANC logo. Artwork of a wheel over the zero of number thirty with a man holding an African spear and shield.

New Nation: Writers Conference 1991

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a head on a book with pencils and feathers coming out of the head.

Writer's Conference

Notice of New Nation Writer's Conference on 1 - 14th December 1991. Orange poster with black lettering. Artwork of an African head with pencils and feathers stuck in the top.

Postage stamps: third quarter 1991

White poster with yellow border. Title in blue and red letters. Coloured replicas of stamps issued in Southern Africa, during 1991. Philatelic services and Intersapa poster.

SACP 70th aniversary rally

Black, grey and white poster. Rally at Khuma Stadium on 28th July 1991. SACP Logo.

In memoriam

Black background. Yellow and white lettering. Multicoloured artwork of a christian cross. List of martyrs assassinated on the 16th November 1989, San Salvador. Anniversary of martyrs 1989 - 1991. Universidad Centoamericana logo.

Stop violence against women: Candle light march

Offset litho; black; Stop violence against women: Candle light march

SACP Rally: Build the party for Democratic Socialism

Offset litho; black; SACP Rally: Build the party for Democratic Socialism

Stop Le Grange Bills

Poster entitled: Stop Le Grange Bills

Ungdom mot apartheid

Red poster with black and white writing. Circle in centre with black profile on white half and white profile on black half. Words - 'ungdom mot apartheid' - around it. Isolera Sydafrika Kommitten (ISAK).

Free all political prisoners in South African

Black, grey and white poster. Photograph of Phumlani Nqcunqwane on his release from Robben Island prison in March 1991. Recruitment poster for Anti-apartheid Movement and SATIS, London.

Democracy - Christianity

Lilac poster with purple lettering. Notice of Lenten Lectures on 21st Feburary, 7th March and 21st March at Cathedral Place, Saratoga Avenue. List of Agendas. Centenary of Catholic Social teaching in South Africa.

ANC Pioneers Mzimhlophe Branch 1991 Calendar

Calendar for February to December 1991. Artwork by Thabo Moloi, of crossed flags and scroll. ANC Logo. Mzimhlophe Branch.


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