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Women raise your voice in the future constitution

Green and yellow poster with black lettering. Notice of a cultural event on 11th August 1991 at 10h00 at Medunsa Stadium, Pretoria. Artwork of five people with fists raised. ANC logo. Produced by the ANC Womens League (PWV).

Ciskei: Second Definitive Series: solar system

Black, outer space effect, background, with white lettering. Coloured photographs of postage stamps issued in Ciskei during 1991 with a solar system theme.

Postage stamps: third quarter 1991

White poster with yellow border. Title in blue and red letters. Coloured replicas of stamps issued in Southern Africa, during 1991. Philatelic services and Intersapa poster.

SACP 70th aniversary rally

Black, grey and white poster. Rally at Khuma Stadium on 28th July 1991. SACP Logo.


Institute for African alternatives. Notice of meeting at Pimville, Soweto, on 27th July 1991. White poster with black lettering. Image of African carved mask in top left hand corner. Topic IMF, World Bank and economic development in Africa. List of speakers.

Mass meeting : ANC Dobsonville Branch

Black and white poster. Notice of meeting on Sunday 15th September 1991, at Kopanong Community Hall. Regarding ANC's position on the patriotic front. Speaker Joe Nhlanhla. ANC Logo.

7 Congresso Regionale

C.G.I.L. multicoloured poster. Notice of a congress at Hotel Green, Magnano in Riviera.

Postage stamps 1991: fourth quarter

White background with blue border. Title in red and orange letters. Coloured replicas of postage stamps issued in Southern African countries during 1991. Philatelic Services and Intersapa poster.

Congress of South African Trade Unions: Year Planner 1992

Yellow and red poster with black lettering. COSATU Logo. 1992 Year Planner with significant dates highlighted. COSATU contact details and regional/affiliates phone numbers. Black and white photographs of people protesting.

Ten fighting years against racism repression and exploitation! 1982 - 1992

National Union of Mineworkers poster. Yellow and red poster with title in black letters and black border. Red, yellow, black and red logo of National Union of Mineworkers. Red strip at bottom with dates in yellow letters.

De la domination a la liberation

Poster of a girl in multicoloured dress. Title in yellow letters. 'Words 500 ans apres Colomb'. Image of a face beind the girl. Dark background to poster. Small image of South America at bottom right hand corner.


A3 black and white litho poster; picture Nelson Mandela

Umkhonto we sizwe

Green, yellow, black and white poster. Notice of an intended 30 year anniversary rally. ANC logo. Artwork of a wheel over the zero of number thirty with a man holding an African spear and shield.

New Nation: Writers Conference 1991

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a head on a book with pencils and feathers coming out of the head.

Writer's Conference

Notice of New Nation Writer's Conference on 1 - 14th December 1991. Orange poster with black lettering. Artwork of an African head with pencils and feathers stuck in the top.

Day in the park! : Come and join us!

Green poster with black lettering. Black images of adults and children holding hands in centre of title. Black images of four trees. List of events. ANC Logo. Venue Grosvenor Park, Mayfair on the 30th November 1991.

SACP Western transvaal region launch rally

SACP launch rally poster. Venue Tigane Stadium, 24th November 1991. White background with black lettering. SACP Logo. List of speakers.

SAHWCO Aids in our community

SAHWCO Logo. White poster with black lettering. Black and white images of people. SAHWCO meeting at Jiswa Centre, Suikerbos Str, Ext. 5 on 14th July 1991.


Black and white poster advertising National Architectural Students' Congress 1991, University of Port Elizabeth.

1991 COSATU Campaigns

Yellow and black poster. Notice of campaigns for 1991 by COSATU. Photograph of men, women and children holding placards. COSATU Logo.


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