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NUMSA shopstewards elections - 1993

White, black, red and yellow NUMSA poster. List of rules for elections and list of duties for shopstewards.

International women's week

Notice of week of displays, exhibitions and events of women's lives in Coventry during March 1993. White background with blue lettering. Yellow, blue and orange artwork in centre.

Chris Hani : 1942 - 1993 Hamba Kahle

Black and white photo of Chris Hani with green and black border. Black lettering. ANC Logo. Words - died for peace, freedom, votes for all - in red lettering.

Melbourne November 10th 1992

White, black and grey poster. Photograph of a protest march with people carrying a banner reading, "united we bargain divided we beg". People carrying Trade Union Flags. Victorian Trades Hall Council.

500 anos: ato de protesto

White poster with artwork of map of South America with a black christian cross, with red blood dripping from it, on top of the map. Artwork of hands breaking handcuffs. Notice of a meeting on 18th October 1992.

ANC Krakeelrivier rally

Black and white poster. Notice of a rally at Krakeelrivier Rugby Veld, on 29th June 1992. List of speakers. ANC logo.

March for : peace, democracy and freedom now

Cream poster black lettering. Notice of marches at Pretoria and Johannesburg, on the 25th July 1992. ANC Logo. COSATU Logo. SACP Logo.

Postage stamps: third quarter 1992

Lilac and white poster with white lettering. Coloured replicas of stamps issued in Southern Africa, during July - September 1992. Philatelic Services and Intersapa Poster.

March to Pretoria with Mandela

A2 litho poster black on yellow; photo of youths marching with Mandela; text: March to Pretoria with Mandela for Peace and Democracy; Siyaya e Pitoli No Mandelaissued by: ANC PWV, SACP PWV, COSATU N-Tvl Wits, CAST, ICT, SADTU, COSAS, SASCO, TIC

South Africa our country

White poster with black lettering and photo of a man.

South African Labour Bulletin: Sep/Oct 1992: volume 16: no. 7

Red, black and white poster advertising South African Labour Bulletin. Various artwork.

Todas exigimos

Red background. Coloured photograph of women marching carrying banner with title on it. White lettering. Amnlae - XV Aniversario.

500 Anos de America Amazona

Blue and black poster. Artwork of sailing ships arriving at coast. Artwork of indigenous people with spears and shields and some in bondage. American amazon region. 500 years. October 1992.

Postage stamps: fourth quarter 1992

Philatelic Services and Intersapa, green poster with white lettering. Coloured replicas of strips of stamps issued in October - December 1992, fourth quarter.

I encuentro continental de la medicina indigena, negra, popular y tradicional.

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a woman holding a branch of a tree and surrounded by plants and animals. 500 years. 4-6 October 1992.

500 anos

White poster with title in red letters. All other lettering in black. Artwork of a green map of South America with a black cross over it covered in blood. Two hands on either side of cross with broken chains. Notice of a protest meeting.

Wits spring festival: cultural identity in a new South Africa

offset litho; full colour with artwork by school child Lauren Singh; Wits spring festival : Cultural identity in a new South Africa

Workers' Art Exhibition

Black and white poster. Exhibition of poetry, songs and speeches on culture, from COSATU and NACTU and UFITUSA. Date 31st August to 1st October 1991. Venue - Afrika Cultural Centre. Three black and white artwork drawings.

South African Communist Party (Soweto district ) : Launch

Recruitment poster for SACP. Black and white poster with photo of Chris Hani. SACP Logo. List of speakers. Venue Ipelegeng Centre. 18th August 1991.


Black and white poster giving notice of a briefing at NUM Board Room on Tuesday 13th August 1991. Photo of Edwin Mafutsanyana,oldest communist in Africa, born 1899, statistics about him. SACP and ANC logos.


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