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Workers' Art Exhibition

Black and white poster. Exhibition of poetry, songs and speeches on culture, from COSATU and NACTU and UFITUSA. Date 31st August to 1st October 1991. Venue - Afrika Cultural Centre. Three black and white artwork drawings.

Workers!: smash the Labour-Relations Act!: build unity

Yellow and black poster. Artwork of workers carrying picks and bricks, breaking down a wall with initials LRA on it.

Workers! do you know your rights on

The Department of Labour poster. Multicoloured poster. For information on wages, maternity leave, hours of work and leave, list of Department of Labour offices and contact numbers.

Workers unite: one country: one federation

White poster with red lettering. Multicoloured artwork of people marching and carrying red flags. Sun shining in the background. 30th November 1985.

Workers unite, fight for freedom and democracy!!

Calendar for 1985. Black, red, yellow and white poster. History of important dates at bottom. KMU Kilusang Uno Mayo (May 1st Movement) poster, Philippines. Artwork of a raised fist breaking a chain. Artwork of crowds of people protesting.

Workers unite for reconstruction in a free South Africa: May Day 1994

Blue background. Artwork of red flag carried by three workers with title in yellow letters. ANC and COSATU logos.

Workers unite for independence

Title in white letters on red background. Multicoloured image of workers. May Day 1989. Solidarity with Namibia workers.

Workers unite : Join COSATU

White background with dark blue lettering. Blue block in centre with raised fist in white. Join COSATU

Workers unite : for your own future

White poster with black lettering. Black strip at bottom with white lettering. Black and white image of see-saw, with wealthy person falling off one side and workers going down on other side with words - unity is strength on them in white letters.

Workers take control!

Red title on white border. Black and white artwork of workers marching. CCAWUSA - AGM. Johannesburg Branch. Sunday 21st September 1986.

Workers smash the labour relations act

Offset litho; black and yellow; Workers! Smash the labour - Relations act! Build unity!

Workers Rally; Launch of the New Federation

A2 white, black red litho on brown paper; graphic fist over crowd of people, factories; text: Workers rally Launch of the new Federation; Sunday December 1 Kings Park Rugby Stadium One Country - One Federation

Workers power for democracy and socialism

Black and white poster with red border in centre and title in red letters. Poster celebrating the 1917 Russian Revolution. Photographs of scenes in Russia and Africa. Issued by SAYCO.

Workers Power Builds Unity

A2 red, yellow, black on white litho poster; drawing of workers holding hands; text: Workers Power Builds Unity; workers Power Builds Co-ops; Working class people demand change. Men, women and youth want to see real changes in their lives.

Workers of the world

Black, red and white poster. Artwork of a red circle in centre containing a man and a woman worker standing back to back. Advertisement for books on workers' struggles in other countries. ILRIG logo.

Workers in the E. Transvaal!

Yellow, green, black and white election poster for the Eastern Transvaal. COSATU logo. Black and white photographs of three workers.

Workers in South Africa

Red, white and black poster. Notice of events to take place from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th. Image of a workerwith a hard hat.

Workers at beer factory

Workers at beer factory

Workers and students unite against oppression

White poster with red lettering. Title only.

Workers AIDS rally

Green, red, yellow, black and white poster. Notice of a rally on Tuesday, 11th May, 1999, at Park Station, Johannesburg. NEHAWU logo. COSATU logo. List of speakers and activities.


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