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Win with the ANC Ahmed Kathrada Candidate

A2 poster litho green black gold, photo Ahmed Kathrada; text: Win with the ANC Ahmed Kathrada Candidate

Win with the ANC Ram Salojee Candidate

A2 poster litho black green gold, photo Ram Salojee; Text: Win with the ANC Ram Salojee Candidate

4 Redes Om Te Stem

A2 full colour poster picture children playing; text: Redes om te stem.


ANC election poster with photo of Mandela with two small children. Calendar of 1994 with month of April as green block. Yellow, black and green poster.

Should anyone walk away from the elections?: you be the judge

Black and white ANC election campaign poster. Information on ANC proposals. ANC logo.

Workers unite for reconstruction in a free South Africa: May Day 1994

Blue background. Artwork of red flag carried by three workers with title in yellow letters. ANC and COSATU logos.

Boycott trains

Black, yellow, red and white poster. 4 - 9 May 1992. Boycott trains poster. Putco buses available, taxis half price. Issued by ANC, PAC etc., Artwork of a train with the words 'killers aboard' on it.

Churches against violence

Black poster with yellow lettering. Coloured art image of skeleton hanging on cross with quote from bible. Preach and pray about the killings on Good Friday. March with the people on April 22nd 1992. Boycott trains from April 22 - 30 1991. Issued by the Christian Action Group.

Interim Government now!

Yellow poster with black lettering. ANY Youth League Logo. List of demands

Postage stamps: 1992 second quarter

Replicas of coloured postage stamps issued in Southern Africa in 1992. Grey background with blue half circle border. Philatelic Services and Intersapa poster.

International summit on the rights of children in South Africa

Offset litho; red and green; International summit on the rights of children in South Africa

The Shop Steward

Photo of front page of magazine - The Shop Steward. Volume 1.1 June-July 1992. Photo of John Gomomo. COSATU Logo. List of contents. Photo of worker at desk in front of computer.

The Exit gate

Black, red and white poster. Notice by South African Communist Party of meetings regarding CODESA, during June 1992. List of dates, times and venues of meetings. Issued by SACP PWV Region. SACP logo.

The Shopsteward: Volume 1.1. June - July 1992

Multicoloured poster. Cover of The Shopsteward magazine. COSATU Logo. Photograph of John Gomomo. List of contents.

ANC-TIC: report back

Green and white poster. Notice of a meeting at New JISS centre, corner Battery and Queens, Mayfair. Two items on Agenda and list of speakers. Also notice of AGM of Johannesburg West Branch of the ANC on Saturday 27th June.

June 16 massacre PAC challenges state violence

Cream, green and black PAC Poster. Notice of a meeting at Jabulani Amphitheatre on Tuesday, 16th June 1992. Speaker Mlamli Makwetu (President)

June 27 Freedom Day Rally

37th Anniversary of The Freedom Charter Rally. Black, green and yellow striped poster. Rally on 27th June 1992. Venue - Kliptown Market Place (Historical site - Freedom Charter). List of speakers. ANC speaks on Mass Action. ANC Logo.

Monsenor resucitaste en tu pueblo

Multicoloured poster. Artwork of a church building with scaffolding, with a hanging picture of a priest on it. Crowd of people in front. XII anniversary.

March for a people's referendum

Notice of Marches at Pretoria, Johannesburg and Vaal on 18th March 1992. Photos of speakers. ANC Logo. SACP Logo. COSATU Logo. Light yellow background with green lettering. Black blocks with white lettering.

Commonwealth Day

Two tone green background and yellow lettering. Artwork of world in centre with three multicoloured photographs of children. Commonwealth Secretariat Logo. Reverse of Folder 2737.p001.


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