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Would you buy a used political system from these people?

White poster with red lettering. Photos of four political leaders. Words 'from corrupt government to interim government'. Issued by SANSCO and NUSAS

Would you be more careful if it was you that got pregnant?

Black and white artwork of a pregnant man.Words 'Nothing is impossible' and initials JAC.

Worldwide reading for democracy and media freedom in Zimbabwe

Photograph of a black hand nailed to a tree, holding a fountain pen. Words 'Freedom of expression' crossed out. Anti Zanu PF poster.

World Press Photo Exhibition '84

Notice of photo exhibition at Shell Gallery, 9 Riebeek Street, Cape Town on 26th April 1984. Black and white photo of small boy carrying large gun, with white headband with red Arabic writing on it. Small photo of man on his chest. Grey poster with black lettering.

World in conflict : The need for peace

Red, blue and yellow poster divided by white bird with outstretched wings. Black lettering. Notice of meeting at Wits Great Hall on Friday, 26th June. List of speakers. End Conscription Campaign.

World Health Day: 7th April: towards a healthy city

Multicoloured poster. Title in yellow letters. Cartoon artwork promoting a healthy lifestyle. Issued by The Environment and Development Branch, Greater Johannesburg Transitional Metropolitan Council.

World day of prayer for free Namibia May 4th 1988 : In Commemoration of the Kassinga massacre

Offset litho; black and brown; World day of prayer for a free Namibia May 4th 1988 : In Commemoration of the Kassinga massacre, May 4th 1978

World day of prayer and fasting for South Africa

Black poster with white lettering. Notice of day of prayer on 16th June 1986. Soweto. 10th Anniversary. Photo of black man holding black baby.

World Conference on Religion and Peace

Multicoloured poster. Border of white doves. Artwork of four people with arms raised. Artwork of various signs and symbols.

World Conference against racism

Multicoloured poster. Jigsaw artwork of a man catching a butterfly on top of the world. Notice of a conference at Durban. United Nations and Human Rights logos.

Workshop Textbooks

A2 silkscreen blue and black on brown paper; cartoon students with books; text: Workshop textbooks Help...Hassle?


Notice of Workshop at Funda Centre, Soweto on Saturday 28th April, by NEUSA. Light brown poster with blue lettering and blue border. Words - drama across the curriculum. Image of a man dancing.

Works on paper

University of Port Elizabeth, Silver Jubilee Festival Program. Black and white poster. Artwork by M.C. Escher entitled 'Sky and Water II' 1938. Notice of an exhibition of the works on paper from the King George VI Art Gallery. 8 February to 8 March 1990, at the Albertus Delport Library, UPE.

Working women

Notice of a Sached/Ravan book, entitled Working Women. Red block in top right hand corner with title in white letters. Fourteen photos of women.

Working together for jobs peace freedom

Yellow poster with black green and yellow border. White and black lettering. ANC Logo.

Working for a just peace: public meeting

Black poster with white lettering. Notice of a meeting at the Anglican Cathedral on April 30th. Issued by ECC. List of speakers and a short play.

Working for a just peace: picnic

Cream, green and black poster. Notice of a picnic at Zoo Lake on Sunday, 27th April. Artwork of people having a picnic and flying a kite. End Conscription Campaign poster.

Working for a just peace

White, green and black poster. ECC campaign. Cartoon artwork of people cleaning up a graveyard of victims of the civil war. Notice of a meeting on Saturday 16th May, at the Great Hall. Issued by Rhode's University.

Working for a just peace

ECC poster. Light blue poster with black lettering and artwork. Words 'construction not conscription'. Artwork of three rifles, one with a bird sitting on it, the other two turned into farming tools. ECC logo.

Working for a just peace

End conscription poster. Green background with black lettering and bird sitting on a rifle


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