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Child art: kinderkuns: 1994-07-01

Yellow poster with red artwork border of children holding hands. Artwork of five postage stamps painted by children in Cape Town. Kleinmond logo.

ANC Women's League

Black, green and yellow poster. ANC Women's League celebrates South African Women's Day on the 9th August, at the Union Buildings.

PACT Dance Company: 2nd Season 1994

Artwork of the back of a naked black man with his hands behind his head, and four white hands around his body. Notice of a dance programme at State Theatre, Pretoria on August 4 - 6, and at the Wits Theatre, Johannesburg on August 12 - 20th 1994. List of dancers and programme.

Memorial service: Feroza Adam

Notice of a memorial service on Saturday, 13th August 1994, for Feroza Adam. Venue - Chris Jan Botha Senior Secondary School.

The people decide

Blue, purple and pink poster. Notice of the first National Housing Summit, at Botshabelo. Artwork of three houses.

Heath: heide: 1994-11-18: Kleinmond

Multicoloured photographs of postage stamps issued in 1994, showing various plants. Light green background with white lettering.

Women's Health Conference

A3 litho poster yellow and purple: text: Women's Health Conference, Health in our Hands, University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg 2-4 December 1994. This is YOUR national women's health conference. Be sure to have a say in it. Regional preparatory meetings to be held.

Streets: exhibition

Multicoloured poster. Issued by the District Six Museum Foundation, Cape Town. Notice of an exhibition from 10th December to 24th December 1994, re-tracing District Six. Two rows of street name signs. Poster covered in handwriting with comments from various people.

Postage stamps 1994

Multicoloured photographs of postage stamps issued during January to March 1994. Blue background with black lettering. Light and dark blue scrolled border. Six different themes.

Oxford : 1980s : Total strategy - reform or repression?

Photograph of Casspir. Issued by the Apartheid Museum.

Oxford : 1960s - 80s : State repression intensifies

Brown, red and black poster. Photograph of hundreds of rope nooses. Quote from Max Coleman. Photographs of Ahmed Timol, Neil Aggett who died in detention and Andrew Zondo. Issued by the Apartheid Museum.

Oxford: 1990s: the move to democracy

Brown, black, red and white poster. Photograph of De Klerk, Mandela and Mbeki, past, present and future presidents, with hands held high at Mandela's inauguration in 1994. Extract of speech from Mandela. Issued by Apartheid Museum.

COSATU: National Voter Education Day

Black and yellow poster with red, yellow and black lettering. Notice of voter education day on Thursday 10th March 1994. Artwork of ballot box. Four blocks with ANC logo, ANC initials, photograph of Nelson Mandela and a voters cross. COSATU logo.

Win with the ANC Ismael Vadi Candidate

A2 poster green black gold photo Ismail Vadi, text: Win with the ANC Ismael Vadi Candidate

Win with the ANC Isu Laloo Chiba Candidate

A2 poster black green gold photo Isu Laloo Chiba; text Win with the ANC Isu Laloo Chiba Candidate

Before you vote, get some on-the-job training

Black and white COSATU poster. Notice of voter education on the job on Thursday, March 10th. COSATU logo.

Win with the ANC Ahmed Kathrada Candidate

A2 poster litho green black gold, photo Ahmed Kathrada; text: Win with the ANC Ahmed Kathrada Candidate

Win with the ANC Ram Salojee Candidate

A2 poster litho black green gold, photo Ram Salojee; Text: Win with the ANC Ram Salojee Candidate

4 Redes Om Te Stem

A2 full colour poster picture children playing; text: Redes om te stem.


ANC election poster with photo of Mandela with two small children. Calendar of 1994 with month of April as green block. Yellow, black and green poster.


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